New Update (Beacon Bug)

he gets lost when he doesn’t contact the player


I’ve also experienced this issue

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AG help (please)

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Same issue, Makes healing a hectic expedition damn near impossible

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UP, bloody hecc, AG, patch yestarday and this wasnt solved!!

was kinda happy when i red " * Fixed an issue that caused several weapon AoE abilities to not cause damage when impacting against terrain."

But hey, i guess healers are 2nd class citizens.


the only thing that matters to them are pvp players


AG, what the hecc

Orb of protection, beacon, grav well, fireball, all are affected.
This has been in since day 1 of the Summer PTR. It was reported then. It STILL made it into the live game, and here we are multiple bug patches later and it’s still not fixed or appropriately addressed. I have been reporting it every day using the in-game feedback.

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