New update, New bugs

Logged on after update to find the following bugs straight away.

  • Storage has a limit on unique items

-Storage says it’s full when it isn’t

  • Can’t craft anything straight from storage have to hold it in inventory to craft

  • tried selling some ore in my inventory and tried it with vials of azoth for it to tell me I don’t have enough of what I clearly had, but was fine buying stuff off the tp

  • things weighing less in inventory but when put into storage weighing differently

  • this has been quickly fixed I’ve been told since, but everyone could only dm or talk globally in help chat because global was barred

I hope ags fix all of these as soon as possible of what I’ve found to be issues so far.



[Notice] Storage and Crafting Issues We’ve acknowledged this here :slight_smile:

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Add my decorating inventory had 254 poinsettias that gave -12 pts

One of the most painful issues now! I hate this they need to fix it ASAP… Crafting is going to be a huge pain if this issue stays


Seeing this is very disheartening that such a major bug could escape testing before the patch went live…maybe it’s time to hire some permanent testers to play the PTRs 8hrs per day and try to event ways to break things via largely normal gameplay.


Buy orders cant be fullfilled

Es wird hier von patch zu patch schlimmer , wird zeit das ich das spiel endgültig vom rechner haue. Es kann nicht sein das man aus dem Lager nichts mehr herstellen kann und erst alles ins eigene Inventar packen muss. Stellt doch mal Leute ein, die Ahnung haben von Dem was Sie machen.
ich habe fertig


could be due to your perks (pockets and some clothes)

ich kann nichts mehr aus dem Lager weiter verarbeiten. Das ist das Prob

I considered blanketing my entire house in the ugly things, but then when/if they turn back into the things they are supposed to be, I would have a very exciting mess to clean up.

Does this fix solve the problem where we have a lot of weight limit left but still can’t put anything in storage? says Weight or item count restriction.

Please fix this as soon as possibel… it is anoying … cant Storage noting anymore …

There is an item limit of 500 per storage, you can only store 500 different Items.
Did you know this? Had the same problem weight limit not reached by far, but couldn´t store further items.

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How did this major bug slip past testing? I’m getting “Insufficient items” when trying to sell on Trading Post.

It wasn’t tested, that simple. I actually don’t believe they have any QA. The have PTR where they put things on and show off the new content. Their actual patch has little to do with the PTR, they just use PTR for feedback. PTR is a separate clean environment as well, nothing like live. They then also seem to add more changes to the live patch, then send it live.

I reckon at best they have some other test system where they make sure the servers boot with the patch and people can login, but stop at that point. No list of things to test like “Move items in and out of storage”, “craft items and see if you get expected results”, “buy/sell and make orders on trading post”.

If they had true copy of a server, and tested the patch on it (clone server), it would’ve easily revealed a large amount of issues. At that point they should’ve delayed the patch a bit until they fix them. But no, there seems to be 0 QA by proper testers, maybe the devs login and give the thumbs up after 5 minutes.

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Oh srsly? thats cool. no i didn’t know this. (Constructive Feedback: add the tip in loading screen already)

Well i kinda knew but i totally thought that item number (how many items like 500k) is the limiting factor.

Thanks you mate.

If you do so when you are goin to fix it ?

New World Sucks - worst developers ever - YouTube there is nothing to say, this is war after new patch


I am REALLY tired of these things, EVERY patch is the same thing, we read the patch notes and think “Oh, this one might actually be good”, but then reality slaps HARD our face with all the bugs already reported not being patched, and even with NEW ones.

It’s just frustrating to play this game as it is.