New Video - New World | Weapon Spotlight - The Blunderbuss

Just wanna to say: very good job! Thank you for your video


Yeah this was an amazingly edited video!!

I wish we had some cool cutscenes like this in game… That would make the actual game experience spectacular! I know some people skip cutscenes but I love them, they make the game way more immersive and alive.

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New World would be 100x better with more than 1 cutscene. And actual dialogue with every quest, not just the first 20 level quests


I completely agree! I was blown away by the initial tutorial cutscenes… I was anticipating a lot more epic cutscenes and dialogue. Then there wasn’t a single cutscene past the tutorial.

Usually games start slow and end with an epic grand finale. This game launched all of their fireworks right out of the gate haha. If they gave the story line a lot of love like the tutorial, I would 100% create a new account to get to level 60 again.

yeah pump that blunderbuss! Video was good in the editing.

wow. This video was really great.

Is there any cutscene in the game ? Never seen one

That was amazing. Whoa. Just saw PTR 5 went up but this said available now. Wondering if something is brewing. Thought the PTR notes meant the 28th but maybe.

Stoked. Really well done video.

The initial tutorial, when you first see Commander Thorp, and then it shows the whole cinematic of you sailing on yourship, and eventually crashing and washing up on shore.

They meant New World the game itself is available now XD

Blast you totally right haha.

Super happy to see everyone loved the trialer as much as I do :smiley:

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Before I stopped playing GA and GH players were always complaining about closing the distance to ranged players… doesn’t look like it’ll be a problem now…

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This weapon is going to vanish the Bow from the game.
Bow was always a short-mid ranged weapon. Bundeebluss gonna do that easy more efficiently. Gg devs

nahhh. Just sounds like there may need to be a BUFF to dex builds next round. Don’t tear things down, build them up homie!

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