New War Idea to spice it up

There are obvious things than need to happen surrounding war content that we all know and hope happen. I’ve been thinking of new ideas for war and wanted to gauge what you all think about this. If a territory is owned for a given period of time(14 days, 30 days etc) then it becomes susceptible to civil war where factions no longer matter. Any company can push influence, even the same faction of the territory owner and the roster of the declared can be any amount of mercs from all factions. I’m sure there’s a lot wrong with this idea but I’m just trying to think of new ways to spice things up.


I would appreciate a civil war opportunity. It would tie in an option for a fourth faction option later very nicely. But if I’m honest I really don’t like the current war design where capturing forts in its current way is boring and uninspired. If territory control was designed in multiplayer game modes like capture the flag but in an open world setting so say a player can intercept an enemy faction members flag that they pulled from your fort, you would gain some points for your faction if you planted it back in your base or delivered it to your faction rep.
Populating the fort and nearby tent with NPCs that defend the fort and respawn after some time would make capturing the fort less boring and would also serve as an audio alert for far away members to aid or attack the attempted fort capture.
Such other mini missions like burn the banners or attack the faction captain at either fort or tent would be fun for PvE players. And possibly dropping the king of the hill or rather sit in a circle for x time is a boring experience so instead move the territory progression style into the fort and tent would also ensure a constant struggle of who owns what with the priority being the fort and a secondary priority being the tent and having faction reps at both structures that ally themselves with factions that control the structure but offer lesser rewards than town factions to allow for a third faction to catch up and overtake if they desire it.

Essentially the fort and tent could be a dedicated PvP area with little effort which would satisfy many different types of players if they adopted that model the only ones that would probably complain are the ones that are only motivated by rewards alone and prefer to afk while they capture forts.

They just need to make wars accessible to all and remove control of rosters from players. Its a severe limiter on the game.

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Civil wars. To diversify the spoils of territory control. To give players a change to gain sovereignty while under the umbrella of a big faction much like how the unions gained a lesser control while under the government but have established a certain level of income and power that the government has been forced to recognise.

Removing control of rosters sounds awful. NGL random RNG wars where you don’t have a strategy or real comp are quite boring.

I’m all for adding a casual war mode so everyone can play and have access, but it would be a terrible idea to just scrap the ability to roster all together.

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I’d probably lean towards the opposite. A way to stage organized wars for practice between groups if desired. Maybe a ranked ladder. And have the everday wars be random pull based on sign ups.

The games design is currently catering to a tiny player population that cares to do the discord networking required to get war slotted.

If the game wants to grow it needs to change and become much more accessible and give the opportunity for everyone to engage in wars that matter to the map.

It feels like a private server game tbh when playing it its that gated and inaccessible. Its very poorly designed as it is some of the only content the game has but its sheltered from 99.5% of the players from experiencing or being involved with for their factions, companiea etc.

Ya I don’t have a problem with ranked ladder and way to get competitive wars for those who want that. You had just said remove that option all together, I don’t care if it’s tied to territory control honestly, just would quit the game if I could only get random pull wars

Thats understandable. I doubt they change war in the next year to open it up at this rate.