New wave of XferToken ? @devs Please read!

Good day!

With Brimstone coming on the 18th, a lot of players will come back and most of them will be coming back to old servers Valhalla for example.

Asking for a free token at this point isn’t greedy or simply because we wanna go and see if grass is greener somewhere else! It’s to avoid a major MAJOR problem on the 18th of October!

My free tokens are gone cause twice I had to move from a totally dead server (less then 100 players…Yay !)

Please @Luxendra, consider taking action and help the player base to avoid the situation before it hit the fan!

Free token ? Please !!
Or at least let us buy them with 10K Mark of Fortune which is at the end of the day…a paid currency !!

Please consider


Tokens could be delivered to people with Prime subscription. It could be an other way to reward the players under active prime sub! @Luxendra

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The Devs have stated on multiple occasions that there will not be any more free transfer tokens. While I like the idea of using Marks of Fortune to purchase one, it is still the same as using cash for most players. Not everyone has Prime Gaming.

xfer tokens should almost never be given out to all. That makes for a moving playerbase and does not benefit anyone.

We all agree that long queue and locked servers are not a good feeling but this is not the solution!

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