New Weapon Idea, the thunder Gauntlet!

As a Mage I love mage weapons and when I look at the elementel attacks that are already in the game I think some weapons will come at one point, just don’t know how. The thing I want the most is electricity. A thunder gauntlet would be super cool.
This weapon should do range attacks only, similiar to the Ice gautlet. Normal attack is a small schock wave and a heavy attack a bigger shock wave. Blocking looks similiar to the IG.
Some ideas about the abilities:

Thunder storm: Works similiar as the ice storm, just doing like half the damage but is doing stamina damage per second too.

Thunder ball: A attack that works similar as the orb, if it hits something it explodes, if it doesnt hit anything it will explode after 50 meters. Its doing something like 120% weapon damage, not too much but it does 100 stamina damage. Similar range as the orb.

Flash: A attack where the charackter moves super fast and gets boosted a few meter infront (similar distance as burn out, just works faster when the player moves). This attack is also not doing much damage, around 110-120% weapon damage again but it stuns people that got hit for 1 seconds. The starting animation can take 1-2 seconds.

Thunder: A strong attack that sends a strong thunder from the air down at a point where the player can aim at (Like pilar of fire). Strong attack that deals around 170% weapon damage, little AOE, maybe does a bit stamina damage too, like 20.

Shockwave: An attack that is similar to the scream, same range, same animation time but different animation. The player does a big shockwave with his thunder gauntlet that does a bit damage, around 70% weapon damage, stuns enemies for 2 seconds and does 50 stamina damge.

Okay that’s it for now, just wanted to let you know my ideas, maybe its bad, maybe can work with it and need some rethinking idk. I would really like a thunder gauntlet one day ^^


I’d like an ice axe where you cast a ice shower and then a grav well, oh wait.


Too much endurance damage, it’s the same thing that the rapier all the skills would cause bleeding))) you have to remove half of the stamina perks)) And most likely it will not enter, because it will kill dead tanks :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Tanks can block mage attacks like scream, so they would block shockwave too.

The idea is nice but needs some re-thinking. Personally i think we should have a Thunder Staff, not Gauntlet.

I think your ability ideas are generally ok but they would definitely need some uniqueness.

The tank cannot block AOE skills) and you have almost all AOE skills

I hope it will be a gauntlet, I dont like staffs ^^

It will not be a staff or a glove, it will be a lightning bolt that can be thrown like Zeus :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

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i was literally about to type the same thing lol

Only the storm is AOE. Orb is no AOE, so is the thunder ball not too. And the thunder would be a slow attack that can be dodged, but is also doing almost no stamina damage.

if then it should be something like myolnir, a one hand Hammer that can be combined with a shield !

Mace of Lightning!!!1 :scream: :scream: :scream:

what about another ability say like shocking hands and it allows you to shoot a lightning bolt from your hand towards someone

Thunder should always be a wand or orb, not another gauntlet please…

Well it sounds very similar to the other abilities.



yea but some of those abilities you listed are similar to those already in (i do see you said what they were similar to) but it would technically be different in a since of its a lightning bolt coming from you shooting at them instead of it being summoned like pillar

well, the cloud of the storm is a copy-paste, the author of the post saw a cloud that had stamina levels on level 25 elits, (pirates in moranh bluff), when night comes, spirits appear that cast these clouds

Well I was trying to make the weapon in the new world style and because there is already elektricity attacks in this game, I was trying to make the weapon similar to it. And I would be surpised if we get a elektricity weapon at one point who does 0 stamina damage.

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