New Weapon Suggestion : Blight Tome (DOT cleave / debuff)


Here is my new weapon Idea. Just a basic write up, would love to play a slow ramping DOT cleave playstyle! Hope the devs have a good read and it sparks some ideas!

Weapon : Blight Tome - Int / Focus

  • Inspiration -
    Affliction Locks (WoW)/ Madness Sorc (SWTOR) / Reaver / Warlock (Rift) / Papa Nurgle (Warhammer)

1st tree - DOT cleave - Anti Zerg
Skill 1 : Apply blight / poison stacks with 1st ability from range. Low damage that builds up to 10 stacks.

Skill 2: Use an aoe ability (Blight - Boil) ground target aoe that bursts after 1 second channeled, spreads highest stacks of dot on any enemy to everyone else in the aoe radius.

Skill 3: Consume all stacks of poison / blight on an enemy and do scaling aoe damage around target scaling off stacks consumed

2nd tree - Debuff - Anti Heal / Block
Skill 1 : Ground target aoe , apply stam regen -(xx%) for xx seconds to all targets hit.

Skill 2: Fly / Disease storm , channel diseased flies to surround caster out of the tome, all targets near caster receive disease (-x%healing) for xx seconds.

Skill 3: Lockdown , apply 10 stacking debuff on target for x seconds. Target takes xx% damage every 2 seconds while target moves, removing 1 stack per tick.


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