New World Amazon Customer Support

Can you guys get a dedicated support system in place for the game? It’s weird talking to a Amazon customer support person, on the phone, that thinks I’m having issues selling stuff on the Amazon website when I’m having issues trying to sell stuff on the Trading Post.


Man I just had to say this post made my day xD
Did you ring the amazon customer support? Were they even helpful/ aware of the game?

I made one of those web ticket reports through the New World Support on the Amazon Games page and there was an option for phone support.

They even asked me at one point if I had trouble buying the game.

Even after telling them I had a problem selling something on the Trading Post.

In New World.

Honestly man you are very right about the customer support but I doubt it will happen ever. I don’t really remember playing a videogame where the support is done by phone… the fact you called up the amazon’s call centre is hella funny… bet the person on the other side was confused for the rest of the day and had to go and google what new world were you talking about causing you trouble on their amazon website xD

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