New World Armor Catalog 🩲

@Transmog one of the most requested things regarding visuals - 3D models for Twitch drops - now also get their 3D Models. Uploading of additional 20GB of models is almost finished, but you already can enjoy the amount of items that got models :wink:

Just a few example:

Forgotten Gloves (

Boots of Stallion (

Gold Embroidered Boots (

Marauder Legatus Cuisses of the Occultist (

Eternal Pants of the Scholar (

and so on

P.S. In case your Model for an item/set is not loading yet - it means uploading that specific model / for one of the items in the set isn’t finished yet


But this is still kinda important to have as part of overall understanding what kind of skins are available. I have some skins which are more than 1y old. I don’t even remember how they look like!
But with a chance to quickly have a look on them - maybe I would prefer some 1y/o skin over doing transmog for some skin!

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@Transmog Here you have Fierce Fisherman’s male (Light / Rare / T5).

Fierce Fisherman’s Hat
Fierce Fisherman’s Smock
Fierce Fisherman’s Gloves
Fierce Fisherman’s Trousers
Fierce Fisherman’s Boots


@Transmog I just uploaded Fierce Fisherman’s image above again since the previous image (replaced now) had a skin covering the boots (and I didn’t realize about it when I first uploaded the picture).

The image is right now with the correct boots.

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Ty for the catch and fix! I’m a bit backlogged due to the holidays and being in the middle of the next layout change version of NWAC, I am keeping track of all the latest submissions though.

New Worlds current armour is

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@Transmog Here you have Immemorial Cloth male (Light / Epic / T5).

Immemorial Cloth Hat
Immemorial Cloth Shirt
Immemorial Cloth Gloves
Immemorial Cloth Pants
Immemorial Cloth Boots


Here you have Lumberjack male (Light / Epic / T5).

Lumberjack Hat
Lumberjack Shirt
Lumberjack Gloves
Lumberjack Pants
Lumberjack Boots


@Transmog Here you have seven more medium sets that were missing.

T4 / Male
Engineer Hat
Engineer Shirt
Engineer Gloves
Engineer Pants
Engineer Shoes

T4 / Male
Harvester Hat
Harvester Shirt
Harvester Gloves
Harvester Pants
Harvester Shoes

T5 / Male
Miner Goggles
Miner Shirt
Miner Gloves
Miner Pants
Miner Shoes

T5 / Male
Mixer’s Hat
Mixer’s Coat
Mixer’s Gloves
Mixer’s Pants
Mixer’s Shoes

T3 / Male
Skinner Hat
Skinner Shirt
Skinner Gloves
Skinner Pants
Skinner Shoes

T5 / Male
Stonecutter’s Goggles
Stonecutter’s Shirt
Stonecutter’s Gloves
Stonecutter’s Pants
Stonecutter’s Shoes

T5 / Male
Tanner Hat
Tanner Shirt
Tanner Gloves
Tanner Pants
Tanner Shoes


@viiKiingo tyvm! These have been noted and are queued for the next update

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Great! And glad to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here you have Primordial Leather medium.

T5 / Male
Primordial Leather Hat
Primordial Leather Coat
Primordial Leather Gloves
Primordial Leather Pants
Primordial Leather Boots


what in the amazing is this?

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It was a Halloween skin, it’s not available in the store anymore


@Transmog Although not listed in the catalog pages yet, here you have these styles called Julian (heavy), Julian Parade (medium) and Julian Sand (light) so they can be added in upcoming updates.

Light / T5 / Male
Julian Sand Hood
Julian Sand Cloak
Julian Sand Pants
Julian Sand Gloves
Julian Sand Shoes

Medium / T5 / Male
Julian Parade Helm
Julian Parade Breastplate
Julian Parade Slacks
Julian Parade Gauntlets
Julian Parade Greaves

Heavy / T5 / Male
Julian Galea
Julian Lorica
Julian Braccae
Julian Manica
Julian Caligae