New World backtracks on Region transfers

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Why are we being told that Region transfer are nogo, when they said themselves we could do it.

Most of the regions are 50% full, and one that is fairly empty.

This seems like a really bad move by the studio as it will cause a massive drop in player base that is already leaving from all the breaking bugs and flaws they are coming up against.

Example US East has a lot of servers and appears to be fairly open for people to transfer.

However regions like EU and SA and AP will have absolutely no other options.

So exactly how many new servers/shards are going to be brought online to accommodate those regions, and how many of those players are actually from US East or US West but can’t transfer out?

Well I’m located the Central US, and playing on EU for example… I won’t be able to transfer my character to a US Region.

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Bro what do you want AGS to do? Amazon only owns…

checks google

1/3 of the entire internets server space…

Maybe it’s full?


“We reserve the right to make any changes, at any time, without notifying the customer. By signing this contract you consent to not complain about the changes we make”

MMORPG fineprint.

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