New World beats out Apex and PUBG

In total hours played, New World is besting some of the KINGS in the gaming world, namely the shooters (historically the most popular and most played).

New World is a massive hit, all backed up by and proven by SteamCharts.

Go away haters, you lose!

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Not enough bolded words, not enough caps and not enough conviction.

You’re a shitty version of Boosie, can the real Boosie please stand up? That guy knew how to make these shitposts about the game not being dead more fun.

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:face_vomiting: you need to be little bit du… to believe what you wrote :slight_smile: .
Have you seen the down trend ? Check hours played per day and you will understand where is going.

Aww, I got a troll from dietcoke, I feel special!

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ilu too bud :slight_smile:

You have to be du… to try and troll me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Krom laughs at you!

Most apex players use Origin. PUBG Mobile has WAY more players than PC PUBG. Like way more. I have a feeling NW will soon have less player than TF2 and Rust lol now that would be embarrassing.

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