NEW WORLD best MMO right now

I would agree with you, if the drop would take an end. But the game is losing more players day by day. The downward spiral is not over yet.

copium 300k+ online

I don’t understand why people keep reposting that over and over when it has been said that that is exactly not how the game works. If the youtuber has as much integrity as people claim he has, he’d have taken it down by now because most of it is false conjecture. Looking at most of his New World videos also reveals an extreme bias against the game (or any game) and a failure to be objective.

oh ya thats a ff14 weeb

So if it does not work like that how do you explain the gold dupe by disconnecting and the window movement invulnerability? Give us your wisdom on how you come to your conclusion and how the system works instead which makes it so secure and stable. -_-

We are listening!

I can’t because I don’t have access to the code. And thats the point here. But a dev can and has: [Notice] How Server/Client Authority is handled in New World

Idk… Concurrent players seems to be pretty stable the past week.

yes most server full or que at peak

those are fixed

I think they’re on the right track in some ways, and they did good initial sales. I wish the AGS team well and feel for them for many frustrations they’ve had to face.

But also, there are numerous issues in the game that originate from very odd decisions rather than technical challenges or mistakes. NW markets from an extremely “all inclusive” standpoint, but they have very specifically implemented most games systems in a highly discriminatory “our way or the highway” standpoint. How can they say they are running an inclusive game, and have so many minor detail of so many game systems strictly exclusive of solo players? It echoes of the broader problems with the hyperinclusion meta, “all inclusive” has been redefined to mean “I’m right and you’re wrong”, which is the sentiment that “all inclusive” was originally intended to combat.

Lead developers have said that the current anti-solo mechanics were the result of heated internal debates in which solo-play oriented employees were apparently ignored. AGS can’t even be inclusive of their own employees, it makes all the cosmetic “inclusion” oriented decisions and the “all inclusive” marketing speak feel very disingenuous.

i see plenty of positive
With the amount of patchs/fixes per week and considering the game has 1 month it wont take half year i would agree if we were talking about wow,ff14,gw2 those dont have active GM/Devs

im including weapon abilities rework and balancing

Unless you get randomly banned. Then you can’t play it all, and honestly, a game you can’t play is perhaps the worst game out there.

i hope they keep baning ppl unlike other companes that look the other way

Maybe there needs to be a federal investigation on Amazon’s New World for subluminal messages in their game. Apparently, you are not playing the same game over 50% have quit. We probably made it out before the message was embedded in our brain. Maybe, the message hits you before level 30 and you are released from the clutches of Amazon.

Yes, it’s the greatest MMO ever made for you. In a gaming industry sense. It doesn’t even make top 10. This dates back to when the genre was invented. World of Warcraft which is the greatest MMO ever made that changed the future of gaming barely makes top 10. It doesn’t make sense but it does. New World is Frankenstein. Frankenstein can never find love.

Um…I’ll just assume you don’t know what “randomly” means. It’s ok. Not everyone has the same vocabulary built out, but you’ll get there one day! I believe in you!

ikr 300k online gamers per day pak IMAGINE

thank you, just like i believe amazon bans are humans and not auto bans
not everyone understans this concept of humans actually doing the bans but hell one day

The trend in the peak looks more like this

620k Oct 10th
500k Oct 17th
420k Oct 24th
350k Oct 31st
270k Nov 7th

I have compared the Sundays, because this is where most players meet at the same time every week.

I don’t know how many bots the game has, assuming 50 bots per server, the percentage of the player base would be 30k. The number 50 seems a bit low for me though.

ya right