New World Build : Bow elemental/Ice gauntlet

Build in the description below and also you can check my other videos regarding this on my channel

New World Build : Bow elemental/Ice gauntlet
300 dex
150 int
4 x light + 1x medium chest ( you have the option to pick full dex / or dex-int items or even full int and fill in from your own attribute points to reach 300 DEX / 150 INT )
CD perks ( minimum 3x refreshing evasion perk + 2x refreshing normal )
Bow - crit perk + gem elemental 50% conversion
Ice Gauntlet - crit perk + gem dmg increase vs cc

must have : ring = keen awareness perk , amulet: % health , earrings =refreshing toast perk

( i use food 30 INT or 30 DEX or a mix of these 2 depending on what is the cheapest at marketplace + honing stone 300% )


Interesting, thanks for sharing this!

Nice change of pace from usual posts. Great work.:+1:

from the last war / it was short. based on that time my stats are high > hence why top 3 .

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