New World burned my monitor

Today I logged out, went to the bathroom and when I returned to the game menu the lighting was flickering rapidly so I closed it immediately to find the main menu screen has burned into my monitor.

In a panic I restarted the PC only to find it is still burned into the monitor. I’m running a 3070, and was under the impression the issues with 30 series cards were in the past. Not sure what to do to fix this.

Definitely not impressed with the New World menu burned into the background of everything on my screen.

what is your monitor?1

I’ve seen countless posts with people using different monitors. This isn’t an issue with my hardware, it’s an issue with the game.

I suspect there will be a lot of people complaining about this game destroying their machines in the coming months.

Using an lcd tv as a monitor by any chance?

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I bet he has a oled monitor… i rhink thats how it is called atleast

Whats your monitor?
Care to explain how does the game break your monitor, keen to know

Hello Xuven!

I’m really sorry this happened to your monitor. Burned-in images in a monitor happen usually on LCD monitors, and it is caused by the polarisation of the liquid crystal material contained within the LCD panel (a hardware malfunction). It can happen when fixed images are displayed on the monitor screen for extended periods.

There are some ways you can fix this (but it is not guaranteed):

  1. Turn off your screen for 48 hours and then try to check if the issue persists.
  2. If the issue continues, try a white screensaver, and leave it running for a few hours.
  3. Try this video, instructions are in the description: 16:9 OLED LCD Image Burn Fix Stuck Pixel Burnt In Icon 1 hour long - YouTube

Let us know if this helped, and I hope your monitor gets better with the tips above :slight_smile:

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