New World : Changes To Make it Better

This section is mostly opinionated. I’ll only be going over weapons that I think need the help, seeing a weapon is only as good as its user to an extent. Everyone’s play style is different and some may use it better than others.
**Note this is all due to change. With the introduction of the Great Sword I want to test more combinations before adding others to this list. I’m currently still going through testing phases and weapons may change again before the October release.

*Sword and Board - With the most recent weapon launch, Great Sword, I have really started to dig in to what the skills for the Sword and Board offer and their worth. Currently at this time, Sword and Board doesn’t really need to be in any team composition. There is literally no need for a tank in PvP or PvE due to perks and damage outputs that most other weapons provide. Even the Great Sword at this time offers better “Tankability” then the Sword and Board. Most of the single perks, not connected to skills, are fine and can continue to be used. What I’ve come up with is a new skill tree for both sides that would better fit a Tank and tanking abilities. Not only that, but could potentially change the normal meta for wars by adding more strategy and team composition into the mix.

  1. Swordmaster
    As for the left side of the tree, I feel the gap closer with (Leaping Strike) is fine, along with (Whirling Blade) for more of an offensive attack. (Backstab) though in my opinion, needs to be swapped out for some kind of (Parry). It doesn’t need to stun, it just needs to negate the damage and reposition the player to the adjacent side of the opponent. The first perk (Unstoppable Stab) would be replaced with (Enforced Sidestep): applies grit to this parry. The second perk (Tactician) would be replaced with (Deep Wound): after the parry, press light attack to activate a slashing attack. This attack, if it hits, applies 1 stack of bleed for 6 seconds that does 10% weapon damage per second.

  2. Defender
    This side of the tree would receive the most change. When I envision a tank, I look at it as a character who’s primary roll is to absorb damage and prevent others from being attacked. At this current time, none of the skills on the right side of the tree really do that. Again, a lot of the single perks on this side of the tree can stay, just the skills and skill perks need to be reworked.

    Though (Shield Bash) is nice, the recent change of (Leaping Strike) has really made this skill lackluster due to not being a viable combo. I would rather see something like (Shield Reflect) : depending on the size of the shield wielded : 25% for small, 50% for Kite, 75% for large, of all incoming attacks for (5 seconds) is reflected back to the attacking person(s). This skill does lock you in position. For the first perk (Intimidating Bash) could be changed to (Mirror Finish): where you increase the (%) of damage reflected back another 10%. For the second perk (Concussive Bash) it could be replaced by (Stand Your Ground): apply Grit to the skill.

    (Shield Rush) In my experience testing it, doesn’t really stand out compared to how some of the weapons can do the same or better effects. I would like to see it swapped out for (Azoth Armor): Increase physical and elemental resistance by 10%. This consumes 1 azoth for every second you have it active. (Improved Rush) would be replaced by (Azoth Fusion) : consume 2 azoth per second to receive another 5% increase physical and elemental resistance. Lastly (Intimidating Rush) would we swapped out for (Azoth Thorns): consuming 3 azoth per second which converts a (%) of incoming melee attacks reflected back as damage to the attacker. *This would introduce the first active passive into the game. This would stay on as long as the player chooses to keep this active or until their azoth supply runs out.

    Lastly (Defenders Resolve) would be replaced by (United We Stand): Selected member gets 20% increased physical and elemental resistance based off your physical and elemental resistance. Player must remain no further than 25m away or the skill ends. The first perk (Final Countdown) would be replaced with (Share the Pain) : you absorb 50% of the teammate’s damage taken. The final perk (Restoration) would be replaced with (A Life For A Life) : Upon death, linked member is healed by 50% of your maximum HP.

At this time I’m only going over the Sword and Board, as I feel it needs the most attention.
Separation post for better readability : S&B Changes to make it more relevent in tanking and Dps


Link to separate post for better readability : Combat changes that I think would help

There are a couple of things with combat I would like to address. Over time, combat has started to get better. With the new weapon addition, it also opened up a lot of other possibilities. A couple of things I would suggest to make the melee side of things more fluid (as it’s the most complained about on the forms) would be the following:

  1. 1 Handed Melee Weapons
    *Weight needs to be added to all 1 Handed weapons (just like the shield).
    *After all attacks hit on the light attack combo, the last attack will **stagger.
  2. 2 Handed Melee Weapons
    *Weight needs to be added to all 2 Handed weapons.
    *All heavy attacks require stamina to swing.
    *All heavy attacks on hit will **stagger enemy.
    *GA, GH, GS all need a rework on how the weapon is handled. This not only will be accurate historically, but can also help in the animation to make the weapon feel less clunky.
  3. Ranged Weapons
    *Weight need to be added to weapons similar to 1 Handed weapons.
  4. Magic Weapons
    *Weight needs to be added to weapons similar to 1 Handed weapons

So I’ve mentioned weight, as you have seen above, on all the weapons. A long time ago there didn’t use to be weight at all on any of the weapons. Then shield, even though it’s a 1 handed weapon, had weight added to it because of an unfair advantage of rolling around in light armor with a kite shield. At the time kite shield was the strongest shield in the game. When wielded it increased your physical and elemental resistance. Now with weapons such as the GS, GA, GH, and Spear, you’re still able to roll around doing summer saults while the weapon bends like a rubber-band on your back. This action alone just looks silly and unrealistic. Now before anyone starts saying stuff like “this is a fantasy game not real life” or any comments pertaining to not being realistic, let me ask you this. How is it fair that the shield has to be treated as such with weight, potentially changing your weight class, but weapons of great size does not? You can’t have it one way but not the other and call it fair. By adding weight across the board, this locks down how weapons are simulated in a realistic or fantasy setting. You’d be able to use any 1 handed weapon, minus the shield, and still be able to obtain light weight with your full kit. By equipping a 2 Handed weapon this will automatically put you at Medium weight class even if you are wearing all light armor. This will also combat the endless rolling around that everyone runs, with these huge weapons on their back, which just looks silly. This would also make the weapon more true to how the weapon should of originally been used. You would really have to strategize when it comes to open world combat and taking forts now as well. Changes like this, to the weapons, would make them all equally important.
*Total weight class could be adjusted by crafting. I will touch on this later in the Gathering/Refining/Crafting section.

Stagger is a major combat mechanic that should of never been taken out. Before, it was abused on how they had it set up for light weapons. Hatchet, for example, had no cool down in its light attack combo animation. This caused a player (once caught in a stagger), to be stagger locked, especially when attacked by multiple people. As mentioned above in the text, with the implementation of it back on the last hit of a light combo, or a heavy charged attack of a 2 hand weapon, this would greatly increase the fluidity of melee combat. Also to note, stagger would be treated as any CC would with diminishing returns. After 2 staggers in a row you’d be able to have a free dodge to get away.

The only thing that comes to mind that needs to be removed from wars is the Haste potion. There have been many times that I’ve seen a company over rotate and pop a haste potion to make everything ok. In a war situation, if one teams strategy messes up, or groups out of position, you shouldn’t be able to pop a potion and simply reset and make everything ok. There needs to be consequence for messing up. Also, to combat shell companies from always covering you whenever there is a war, there should be a minimum of 35 of your own company members defending your own city. If you can’t put up 75% of the fighting force, you don’t deserve to own a city or get its benefits on the backs of other shell companies. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the siege weapons will be addressed due to the lack of not even needing them at all.

This function needs removed entirely. You’re either good at the game when it comes to combat or you’re not. This game needs to get rid of its ideals of catering to everyone. The whole ideal of being able to do so is just a joke and will never be attainable due to everyone’s different personal preferences. At this time, you can be almost 3m outside of the enemy’s hit box and are able to still hit them when attacking. There is no skill when it comes to this. Just like tab targeting games, there is no skill when the game does it all for you. If you truly want a skilled action combat game, homing has to 1000% be removed from this game.

People are still waiting on the promised ranked arenas. I’ve seen this topic multiple times posted on the forms, but there has been no answer from the Devs on when this mode is coming. I’m not going to waste time diving into this topic much, but the sooner this comes out the better. PvPers are just dying for this to come out and the longer they’re going to have to wait, the more of them your going to lose. Cross server queues also need to be considered.


Link to separate post : Gathering/Refining/Crafting changes for the better

This area is amongst one of the most asked about for changes since the beginning. This section is missing some base fundamentals that almost all MMOs have addressed to make their games better. The change this game needs is the player(s) should only be able to master 1 of the Gathering skills, 1 of the Refining skills and 2 of the Crafting skills. This would make the crafting side more important due to players now having to really rely on one another (As a MMORPG should). The Auction House, because of this and other changes that I will mention below, will better regulate gold movement and price fluctuations. With all the specializations, after the change, there should be unique quests that grow along with you as you progress in leveling. The quests could also reward with charms and such for making items. You could even utilize the proficiency system to lock in all perks except for the 4th one at certain levels. The 4th will always be left up to RNG on legendary items, but for as long it takes to get materials for make an item, RNG at this point is wasting players time. This makes crafting subpar and no one likes doing it.

With gathering, a player should only be able to completely master one of these skills. This will help with all things related into the crafting side of things and price fluctuations. Having to rely on people is a normal fundamental in any MMORPG. You play an MMO for the aspect of playing with others and helping each other out. Currently by being able to master every skill in the game, you take out the purpose of why this game is an MMO on the crafting side completely. If you want it to be treated as such, then the game should have been made as another solo game. Now as for the other skills in the gathering section, you will still be able to level them up to an extent (Probably to the level of resource detection). To further clarify, if I’m leveling woodcutting, I can fully level it to 200+. The rest of the skills you can only level to the detection level, example : level 50 in any other of the gathering skills. If at anytime you would want to trade your selected skill of choice, this would cost a reset item in game and you would have to level up from the beginning. So make your choice wisely if you don’t want to reset.

Same concept as Gathering. You’ll be able to pick one thing to master along with only being able to level up the other skills to level 50. The reset option will be the same as well.

You will be able to master 2 crafting skills. This will also have a reset option. These Crafting skills will have a quest line attached to each one of them as you progress your way to becoming a Master Crafter of your profession.

***Side note: With the release of ultimate skills and runes needed to be made in order to craft them, I will touch back on this subject again later. I want to see if they stick with how runes will be made, or if they make a Runecrafting Refining and Crafting section all to itself.

Link to separate post : Mercenary Faction to make things interesting

This section I think would be a fun twist if added. While keeping the original factions, a faction for Mercenaries (Blue Color) would be a nice implementation to the game. How the Mercenary faction would work is as such:
*This faction cannot own a territory.
*The base location is located in Great Cleave with smaller locations throughout the map.(Must have a key to get in)
*When joining the Mercenary faction, you will be flagged for PvP ALL the time.
*Faction rep is earned through “Bounties” which is not limited to defeating members of your own faction.
*You cannot PvP members in your own Company
*When killing any player of any faction, you will gain gold based on how may kills they have before they were defeated. To keep this action from being abused, after killing the named person, they will have a 48hr cool down before you can get gold from them after killing them again.
*Mercenary Faction shop will have equipment relevant to having the PvP only perks and can only be worn while in the Mercenary Faction.
*Faction colors are Black and Silver.
*Mercenaries will also (for fun) have a ranking system on who is the best Bounty Hunter. Only kills in the open world will affect this score.
*Later on, I may implement a way to put a bounty on a person. (I’m doing more research on how to do this without making it game breaking).

Other Notes on Factions
This addition would not only add more of a PvP aspect to the factions, but also allow the ones who are more PvE focused to have zone ownership. Now I’m stating this as my opinion. I see the other factions as more PvE focused, but I’m not saying they aren’t good for PvP. Having town ownership brings in a ton of gold at the moment. They are also more focused around protecting owned territories from Invasions. They could be considered PvX factions. What the game doesn’t have is a position for companies who prefer just the PvP. This Mercenary faction will create a mechanic for those who only want PvP.

If you’ve read this far, I really want to thank you for doing so. These are just my opinions. I understand they won’t suit everyone, but I’m sure there are some things within this text that may be appealing to everyone. I really want to see this game continue to succeed, but it won’t continue to change for the better without the players/testers input. Thank you again and please feel free to ask questions about any of the above. I didn’t want to dive too far in as things are still changing in the PTR. I’m currently half way done with a Weapons Update. This will underline balance issues that I think will need to be addressed to make the system more fun for all. Again, thank you and I will see yall in Aeternum.


Currently tuere is only a 3 hit combo for melee weapons so you have only 2 chances to dodge if its coded correctly otherwise we have a conker: live and reloaded situation on our hands (where the last hit of the combo is the one that will always stun or kill, never mind connecting with the first to hits) if we have a 1,2,stun combo i think people would just be running at each other with wreckless abandon for their own self preservation which is to say tact goes right out the window like a cherry chaplin movie. However if we had an option to combine specials which would consume two specials i have not a problem with a stun lock feature added to that as you are pretty much commiting to putting in almost all your best into one big attack and setting yourself up for a big nearly defenceless window of time before you can do any attacks outside of your special attacks. The void gauntlet used to have this feature and you could combine your void blades lunge with your oblivion spell to dash forward. And it was both challenging because if the timing was off, you just consumed 2 spells and received nothing to benefit from but if timed properly you could catch up with your enemy or escape your enemy. That was the the most fun ive had in the game in a pvp setting and would like to see all weapons have unique combination abilities similar in nature with such affects if connecting a hit successfully like stun or DOT.

After careful consideration, I’ve changed how stagger on light attacks for 1 handed weapons work. Please refer back to the weapon section.

Hey !

It is a really well made post. I just have a little issue. The post is too big and have too many idea so it is hard to follow. Could you make smaller post with your best idea so we can have discussion about them without the noise. (Take your feedback about stagger and make a smaller post by example)


I would be more than happy to section it up into multiple post if it helps with the readability. The format here on the forums changed it up a ton, so it looks nothing like how I originally had it.

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Tonight when I get off work, I’ll post links to the different sections to further break them up into their own posts.

I stopped reading after the SnS feedback.

The feedback is out of touch and doesn’t take into account the actual factors outside of SnS that makes the weapon and the tank role less desirable in PVE.

Fortification and Light Dodge both are broken in terms of utility they provide to classes that quite frankly shouldn’t have that much “monk” like prowess. Other games balance dodge and block via numerical systems and stats. In this game it’s skill based and skilled players using those mechanics can basically become unkillable allowing for unintended potential for groups.

That doesn’t mean tanks and SNS are usless, it just means some players with very high skill ceilings can do things others cant.

That said - there needs to be better game balance decisions that narrows gaps. Skill should be rewarded but it shouldn’t the be all end all it is now.

Anyone who thinks stagger is a good thing loses my respect.

This game needs less animation locking, infact none. No “slow down” after using an ability, no “auto melee aimlock” … just fluid movement with gap closing skills/skill shots. NW has one of the lowest skill cieling, gear crutching MMO combat systems out there.

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Thank you for yalls replies. I understand that everyone has their own opinion on combat, but to state about losing respect for someone based on a difference of opinion is not necessary. Please keep the negitive remarks twards people to yourself, as I do still encourage post about the topics above.

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I agree with on some things, but even as a PVE player of average skill, i still think that S&B has faded into the background. Although it would be nice to ballance things out, some of the prompted changes could bring S&B back in line.

Everything ties together.

The time to kill (TTK) right now is way way way way way did I say way? way to small. You have two shot combos rolling around. I don’t know how you can expect a healer to not be OP that is expected to keep players alive through that and at the same time how you can expect tanks to be of any use when they take 1 more hit to kill.

Constitution needs to increase HP a bit more than it does probably by a factor of 2x. Player damage output and creature damage output needs to increase by probably a factor of 1.5 to 1.75x what it is.

Now you have a big difference between the glass cannons and the hearty con players.

Then weapons like SnS, hatchet, and anything else that is meant to be used to tank should scale on CON but not like your typical weapons. It should work a lot like void gauntlet does with INT and FOC. Scale the damage off the damage attribute and scale every single defensive and survival part of it off the CON component.

Want to be a stabby stabby sword and shield? Fine go STR but you wont be even close to as hearty as someone who doesn’t do much damage but can stand toe to toe with an army beating on their back. Beaf up your HP and in stride also gain defensive strength.

The counter point to this is these weapons need more inherent threat built into them that doesn’t require us to use a gem slot or perk slot. If the weapons are role intended then you can have high threat with certain weapons. At the very least have all the abilities in the clear tank tree have exceptional threat built into them if they aren’t taunts.

When you couple this with focusing weapons on a role. You can easily use the other weapons to actually balance this and do damage for solo contexts or hybrid uses. But the bottom line is a tank should be something you want at all times in every group and I’m not talking about dodging. Dodging should be inferior to taking a hit on the shield.

Another issue is going 625 gear score allows people to get to 300 main stat and 200 con with food.

Like everyone will be tanky at that point unless the factor of scaling above 200 con is higher from there to 300.

I just think them adding stats while yes buffed everyone and damage, you are right con was left in the dust.

It’s not just that though, sword and board will still be this useless thing in the meta right now because it offers no good tanking abilities for PvP like a spell reflection, or group wide buffs

The sections above has had links added to each section. This will help with separating the form post a little more for better readability.

Thank you again for everyone’s feedback, please continue to help keep this post going.

I have added links now to help separate the post. Do apologize for taking me so long.

Its a well writing post indeed, im abit confused about This azoth drain cost, you want this ability to cost azoth and not stamina?

I was trying to find a way to implement a toggled skill (which will have a CD when turned off) to have a passive buff running. The reason I choose the Azoth is we currently are always capped out at 1000. We lose a lot if your not a heavy crafter on utilizing the azoth you have. It would be another way to implement it and use it for a combat purpose. Stamina at this time has enough bugs as it it so I didn’t really want to have it effect that aspect at this time. That’s the whole idea anyways.

In saying this, it could work with stamina, but that would end up draining stamina real quick. For a S&S person you’d find your self more than not unable to block or dodge (depending on how your playing S&S) and staggered of course when blocking.

What I didn’t add was a timer. Maybe running it “until their azoth supply runs out” might be to much and would require a timer instead. Again though, that would be if you ran it off stamina. By choosing to burn your own azoth, if you decided to burn it all, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to. Mainly because once you’re out, you either have to pop more vials, which would help the economy with Azoth Vials, or you’d have a skill you can’t use any longer while in battle. You’d roughly have 5mins 30 seconds of use time if you have 1000 Azoth and burn it till empty.

Its surely are an intressting thought and can be try out. :slight_smile:

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I think there is many good ideas here but please keep in mind that to do all these things; well it changes the game. When New World was built on the idea you could craft, farm, fight, and play as flexible as you would like. Some of us players have been here since the start… Like Beta’s and Alphas. So much has changed since the first log in of this game and it keeps evolving. I don’t think any idea is a bad one but nothing will happen overnight.
Personally, I would like to see company banks and vendor for the crap that only sells for 1 coin so not to drop it on the ground. I don’t think crafting should be limited to one it was a selling point of the games design. Not everyone has time to do all of this and pretty sure other then many of us that are retired, unemployed or lifers this game is a never ending supply of hours to spend doing things. I think Azoth has always been a seed of contention and will continue to be. What I would love to see; before list that AGS already has in the works for the next projected 12 months; is them to continue to clean up the game code and its utilities. Make much soother game play. There are tons of bugs that still need to be worked out before refining some of these things; but yes I think this is a great start to discussions to let AGS know what the long term players are looking for!! Great Job Zelijin and others. :wink:

See plenty of sword and shield light players putting in work atm actually, seems you’re out of touch in the meta.

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