New World Crashing my GPU - EVGA 1080 FTW

So I seem to be having an issue where New World is crashing my GPU. I feel it’s the GPU because all my PC lights stay on, I can still hear the game sound and can still talk to my friends in discord, however my monitor goes to a black screen and can’t find a signal after the crash happens.
Any suggestions on how I can fix this? All settings in game set to medium, now going to try low. FPS capped at 60 FPS

All drivers are up to date.

Hardware Specs:

CPU - Intel Core i7 6800K
Motherboard - MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon RGB
RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws F4-3000C15D (32GB)
GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Gaming ACX 3.0
PSU - Corsair HX1000i 80 Plus Platinum 1000W Power Supply
SSD - Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M.2 SSD
HDD - Western Digital WD Black 6TB WD6001FZWX
Cooling - Corsair Hydro Series H115i Liquid CPU Cooler
Monitor - LG 29""UM57-P
Windows 10

Character Name: Shin0bi
Region: AP Southeast
World: Yama

New World Log: <2021-09-28 13:19:24.874>: [Info]: BackupNameAttachment=" Build(1434484) 28 Sep -
DxDiag: ------------------System Information------------------ Time of this r -

What I’ve Tried:
Verifying integrity of game files
Reinstalling New World
Ensured Windows 10 is up to date
Clean installed latest nVidia driver
Repaired Microsoft redistributable 2017
Disabled IPv6
Monitoring temperatures (didn’t notice anything abnormal)

Currently in queue and will update if these new methods work once I get in:

Updated GPU BIOS after cleaning with DDU

DISCORD - Disabled OpenH264 Video Codec, Disabled H.264 Hardware Acceleration, Disabled High Packet Priority,

GeForce Experience - Disabled In-Game Overlay

Steam - Disabled In-Game Overlay

nVidia Control Panel - Limited FPS to 60, Enabled vSync

UPDATE 1: Wow! I didn’t even make it passed the queue this time! That’s a first. Also this time, my GPU fans ramped up to 100% right before I crashed and were going crazy for about 2 seconds before the fans slowed down again.

UPDATE 2: This is just an information update as I’ve refunded the game until the issue is resolved but if this information helps identify the issue then I’ll post my experience. I would like to mention that I have run benchmarks without issues, ran multiple games (up to 6 at a time) without issues. New World is the ONLY game that causes these crashes on my system.

Beta 1 - I was able to play up to level 24 on high settings with FPS ranging between 80-90 without a single crash. Once I entered a newer area (I forgot where but I remember it being in the North East side of the map) my first crash occurred. My fans went crazy and this crash lead my PC to not be able to boot back up for 30 mins (which to my knowledge after an IT expert explaining this to me, it’s some sort of fail safe on the motherboard). After this first crash occurred, I started getting constant crashes except it was my GPU this time, fans ramped up to 100%, I heard in-game sound for about 10 seconds (I could still hear people talking within the in-game chat too) then my PC shut itself down.

Beta 2 - GPU crashes which were exactly the same as I mentioned at the beginning of this post (Still able to hear all sound, all lights on the PC still on and running normally without fans ramping up). Only way to get my display back was to reboot the PC.

Official New World Release - GPU Crashes as mentioned above multiple times. After applying a GPU BIOS update, updating graphics card drivers, disabling multiple feature within discord, disabling nVidia Experience overlay, disabling Steams overlay, setting FPS to 60 and enabling vSync within nVidia control panel I experienced a crash whilst in queue as opposed to being in-game as I usually was before a crash. One thing I noticed after applying the most recent changes is that the FPS was capped to 60 whereas it would still bounce between 62-68 when I used the in-game FPS cap. When I crashed in queue my GPU fan ramped up to 100% for about 2 seconds and I was forced to restart my PC to get my display back.
Another thing I’ve noticed throughout all of this testing is that the starting tutorial area runs fine, after you get passed this stage is when crashes occur.

UPDATE 3: 01-10-2021
Good news everybody! Official response from @Chameliaca that the devs are working on a fix:

Hello spazem!
Just got word back that the issue has been reported and the devs are working on it.
If I get more updates on this I’ll make sure to pass the word to you. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE 4: 03-10-2021
No information regarding any changes but I would like to point out that JayzTwoCents has recently made a video regarding this issue and in his own words which I STRONGLY agree with – Amazon and manufacturers need to collaborate to get to the bottom of the issue. Talk to each other and figure out what is causing these crashes and spikes.
You’ll see a GPU sadly fried, literally smoking up after a New World crash - Something is still terribly wrong with New World and certain GPUs!! BEWARE!!!!!! - YouTube

UPDATE 5: 07-10-2021
After @NW_Mugsy last reply, since AGS are refusing any responsibility, I’ve made a reddit post. Please support this post in hopes that we actually get AGS to own up to their fault and finally do something about the crashes. Link to Reddit post:
Link to JayzTwoCents video showing clear evidence of New World drawing more power than GPU’s can take: My New World Testing revealed something unexpected... This NEEDS to be fixed!!! - YouTube

UPDATE 6: 21-07-2021
Official response from @Devonzalez . We appreciate your honesty and thank you for being transparent with us! =)

I’ll keep everyone updated as soon as I hear more =)


I have the same problem. Nvidia GTX1080, game runs for about 30mins then just completely locks up. I can still hear the music and sound effects just client crashes. The only way to clear it is to close is through task manager but then end up in a 2hour queue :frowning:

Never had this problem in all of the betas. Maybe worth rolling back to an old graphics card driver?

Please let me know if the low GFX settings helps. I’m also trying little tweaks to try and keep it running for longer than 30mins.


I was having the same issue and it fixed after updating the GPU driver


I’m currently on the most up to date driver, installed it prior to launch. Looks like the OP is also on the most up to date driver.

Looks like quite a few people with 1080 cards are having the same or similar issues and starting to make posts. Hopefully someone can find a work around.


Yep I’m on the latest driver, installed it via clean install before playing New World. I’m still currently in queue and will update on whether or not the low graphics settings end up helping.

I’ve also gone into nVidia control panel to tweak some settings there, if it starts working I’ll post my settings here.

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i have the same problem, it only happens in town tho, i got a RTX 3060TI and if im in town for 10-20min what you mention when the blackscreen is happening, i have no idea what to do to fix it either, im on latest nvidia driver aswell playing on ALL setting on LOW so its not really a “too good graphics problem” either.

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I have taken a punt and rolled back to old GFX card drivers from March of this year 461.92. I never had this problem in the previous betas with my card so giving it a shot. Will be a few hours before I can test it though courtesy of the queues - it’s a shame you can’t get straight back in if you have crashed and pickup your previous session.

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Tested with all low settings, capped at 60 FPS, windowed mode and even lowered my resolution. I still crashed 10 minutes after playing. I was still able to hear all sound and chat with friends in Discord after my GPU crashed. New World is the ONLY game/application that causes this to happen with my GPU. I can run up to 6 games at once and still not have this happen to me. Something is definitely wrong, whether it be the game itself/coding or a GPU hardware issue.

Also tried changing some settings within nVidia control panel to no avail.

I was monitoring temperatures, GPU was at 72° when I crashed.

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Same kind of issue here.

Ryzen 5800x CPU
800W PSU

Tried turning graphics to Low and capped FPS to 60 (also tried 30)
Also reset my GPU settings to factory default, no overclocking on CPU either.

Run every other game with high graphics and 200+ FPS
Stressed tested my rig with 3Dmark and never had an issue.

Can’t even be on server logging queue for more than a few minutes and my PC restarts without warning.

When I check event viewer, it shows event ID 41 which is Kernel-power event.
Radeon software shows “Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure” which hints at some kind of power issue.

If my rig can handle any other game and benchmarks and stress test runs then this is clearly a New World issue and not an issue with my rig.

This needs to be addressed ASAP.


Have you had a look in the logs at the time your crash?

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups

The last thing I see in my log before it crashes

<2021-09-28 12:34:23.881>: [Info] (AZCore): [Rendering] Present failed, error code -2005270523. Attempting to recover…


It’s the temperature that reaches critical.
I have to put my fans(case too) on the highest level to keep the temp down.


msi afterburner reports only 58 degrees when the crash occurs so it cant be that


Yeah, also sent off about 6-7 logs to the devs during the last beta. All I’ve got at the end of my log is:

<2021-09-28 13:16:45.588>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::ActorContainerDisconnect
<2021-09-28 13:16:45.588>: [Info]: CSystem::Quit invoked from thread 15852 (main is 15852)
<2021-09-28 13:16:45.588>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::ActorContainerDisconnect

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get other software for temperature and double check, cpu temp can get high enough too, for me it was the temperature.


I was monitoring temps during the last crash.

CPU was around 60-62 and GPU was at 72

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You should not have to modify your gpu fan speeds to play a game that clearly has an issue. Amazon needs to address this.


if the temps would reach critical then without reporting it to the software then thats a game design flaw, it do sounds very unlikely especially since i got really good cooling.

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It’s a switch on the case, me having to switch the speed is not something i blame on Amazon, there are plenty of others reason that are valid.

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At this point, I would encourage everyone to start sending your logs off directly to the dev team as well as your GPU’s manufacturer.
This needs to get prioritized and resolved because more people are turning up with very similar issues.
Logs can be found in: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups

If you don’t see your AppData folder, you need to enable “Hidden Items”. To do this, click “View” on an open folder window and tick the “Hidden Items” box.


Same here with EVGA GTX 1080…
Black screen triggers randomly , fans going 100% but can still hear audio!