New World Crashing my GPU - EVGA 1080 FTW

Agreed. I can play anything under the sun, and have without a single GPU issue. The second I play NW it starts happening.
I get the game is pretty graphically intense, but not the most I’ve played.
It’s irrefutable at this point that it’s error on both sides. Jay’s video specifically states that. Bad game coding/design + exposes bad manufacturing.
He called it the perfect recipe/combination.

Unfortunately I think either way this plays out, it won’t be in our favor in the form of a real solution on the manufacturer or AGS side. Right now they’re pointing fingers at each other and us as players are stuck in the middle.


I do not say that, it might have to do something with game loading graphic, so at times its more demanding, but it should never go above 100% power. Thats GPU problem, somewhere is leaking it is on chip most likly … if it would be a software driver issue i think AMD and Nvidia would already fix it.

Side note: GPU manufactories wont admit something is wrong with 2019 2020 2021 chips … can you imagine chaos, how many people would return graphics card? why do we have chip shortage? they might have faulty production for quite some time and we dont have that info, just yet??

NW is a demanding game but literally not more demanding than other games we’ve played, and those games didn’t crash or fry GPUs.
This is isolated.

In regards to your side note:
What in the world are you even talking about? That is a completely separate issue and not NW.
Also if you’ve read even a small portion of this thread you’d realize it’s not just affecting 2020-2021.

The title of the thread is for 1080s, the EVGA versions came out in 2018…

ALSO how in the world are we having to limit our 2018 cards to 70% in order to play this game. That itself is bizarre and should lead you to a different conclusion than what you’re saying.

I used to play before launch and never had an issue with crashing, now I do.

the only thing that changed was the game.


Somtimes I can play for 10+ hours without a single issue… and sometimes I crash 5-6 times in one hour. It may be whatever combination of events that is causing this didn’t happen for you before launch, but I played Alpha and Beta, and this was an issue for me from day 1.

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Would you please then care to explain the following scenario (all confirmed with gpu-z and msi afterburner/rivatuner statistics):

Power limit set to 90% - Furmark draws 90% of power
Power limit set to 75% - Furmark draws 75% of power
Power limit set to 90% - Kena bridge of spirits draws 90% of power
Power limit set to 75% - Kena bridge of spirits draws 75% of power

Power limit set to 90% - New World draws anywhere between 100 - 110% of power
Power limit set to 75% - New World draws about 90% of power

That was what my own testing showed. Clearly there must be something off about how New World handles the GPU.


i am on neither side in this, but how come EVGA accepting refund on GPUs than if its Amazon fault? And yeah title says that, but most people here are 2x. 3x. 6x. I do have 1080ti its not working as smooth as it should also had to undervolt… i am just courius how many GPU 1080/ti are second hand? So many selling latly from crypto miners take that into consideration as well. Never buy second hand one if you dont know source.

Thank you for the guide, I just needed to reduce the power limit to around 80% and temp limit to 70 degrees and that seemed to work for me.

I’m running older hardware my CPU is a AMD FX-8320 with 16GB of ram and using a EVGA GTX 1080 8GB. As of this posting I’m using the newest GPU drivers that’s available.

I owned New World for couple days now and not once seen a crash when playing the game.

OCCT full stresstest, furmark gpu test 8h, - alls good. New World open beta and some games - RDR2 and BF1 (but not gta5) - force pc reboot.
Driver 456.71 fixed my problem.

EVGA took the blame that time because the soldering was bad on a few cards. Way above normal power draw made the soldering break. New World was the catalyst for that happening, as in the game causes the power drawn to be a lot greater than what is supposed to be possible.


I’d probably say most of the people here are the first owners, mine was brand new sealed from the store. Bought it in person.

As I’ve added in this thread, I have a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, and the game freezes while in menus and at certain scenes of the game. I did not have any freeze issues during the beta in September while using Nvidia drivers 471.96 dated August 31, 2021.

Before release, I upgraded to Nvidia’s most up-to-date drivers which are “ready” for the game, 472.12 and there were no other changes to my system. But after release, the game starts freezing. Knowing the drivers could be an issue, I clean removed 472.12 and clean installed 471.96 as I knew those were working. However, the freezing persisted. So in conclusion, it points to something changed in New World’s code between beta and release.

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Try cleaning DXCache it fixed my graphics lag. Its something wrong with it, making shaders for game, because it keeps creating one each 10min… and when there is over 300 files allocated to NW it might get nasty.

I have an RX590 and this is the only game that keep killing my pc and making me reboot it all the time, i cant even enter the menu that it kills it and even if i alt+f4 in time it just kills it, i cant interact with anything outside and inside the game and i have not other choise and i have to force reboot.

I reported this issue in the beta and they told me that they are working on that issue and is gonna be fixed in the oficial release and here we are, with the same issue not only from beta but alpha too.

I dont even know what the dev team is doing, that they dont want to accept that it is an issue with the game and not the card manufacturer.

For now i lost my patience, i was hoping that they speak about this problem, but it looks like they “investigated alot” and dont find anything unusual, so well i gonna refund and pay for a game that atleast is not gonna be a pain in the ass for me.


Ok. I’ll try it but I can see the power spike that is occurring as reported by others. I also shouldn’t freeze while sitting in the menus of the game.

For me there was textures not loading, lagging just like high ping… blackscreen and back to desktop… before i cleared that map. But yeah no frezzee in main menu, also no power spikes never goes above 60% i guess i am lucky. But is still worth deleting that file… just check it and you will see how many files NW created in following days.

Note: I had quite smooth gameplay first two days, after that laggy as f*, till i find that DXCache map. Now i simly clear it every time before i go play NW and seems to work for me. It was 4gb allocated to NW in that file for me. After 130h of gameplay. Normal is like 30mb to one game.

You guys need to talk to the manufacturers. Amazon is using DirectX APIs… if your card is melting down as a result of those APIs, that is 1000% on the manufacturer.

Recall the original EVGA problem where EVGA said YES it’s a manufacturing defect. Why does everyone suddenly jump now to say omg it’s Amazon because it’s the only game doing it. No… that’s false logic.

I’ll point you to my recent response above. Something changed between beta and release for some cards as I have a GTX 1050 Ti, not an RTX. New World Crashing my GPU - EVGA 1080 FTW - #452 by beerock

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If something changed on Amazon’s side, it’s usage of the DirectX APIs that then communicate with the graphics card. Amazon isn’t telling the hardware itself to do something.