New World Deluxe Edition

I bought New World Deluxe Edition and did not receive any additional items that were included in the set

Hello @Aikawa_Ayumu

If you are still missing your additional items you can leave your character name on this post or private message me so I can further assist you with this.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Aikawa_Ayumu

To equip your deluxe skins, right-click on an armor piece you have equipped and select change skins from the dropdown menu. Scroll down and you’ll find your Woodsman armor and hatchet cosmetics.

As for Isabella’s Amulet, the item should be equipped to your amulet slot when you create a new character. The Expedition One title is found in the bio tab in the character menu. The emotes are found in the emote window (P). The house pet will be available when you unlock housing at level 15. And the digital art book can be found by right-clicking on New World in your Steam library, selecting properties, and choosing DLC for a downloadable link.

If you don’t see the skins in this inventory please contact our support team to verify the rewards in your account.

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