New World Devs completely out of touch with the game and community they are in charge of

Pretty much sums it up with the title.

How is it that the Great Axe and Bow get nerfed again, yet Rapier and Void Gauntlet remain intact? As a Sword and board/Warhammer, I am appalled at these proposed changes on the PTR. VG is literally an I win button vs all melee, even for a mediocre player. Rapier has such low cooldowns, that it is impossible to punish them if they make a mistake.

If they go through, I am sure this player base will be reduced even more. Whoever is in charge clearly cannot see the writing on the wall, and a change of direction is desperately needed before this game dies completely.

I am still rooting for the game to succeed, as I love the core of it. MMOs are tough to navigate and typically have issues in the first year. But the constant bugs and horrible timegated content being released has not helped. Top it all off with completely unwarranted changes to certain weapons, while others that need to be nerfed are untouched. Combined, this has driven me to the land of little hope.

I hope the devs can figure it out, or even I will be out of here before long.

Trying to stay positive, believe it or not.



IMO remove all roots, make scream a stun+slow and increase Riposte CD to 45s

That would completely destroy PVP for some weapons. Riposte cd to 45s? no one would ever use rapier, why have a stun that is literally 45s cd where as spear has a vault kick and knock down that is perma up

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Yeah I do not think it needs a 45s CD, but 12s base is just too quick. If you miss, you can Fleche out and basically just avoid someone for that long until cooldowns are up. Compare Rapier ability cooldowns to similar sword cooldowns and it just seems insane to me.

Problem is the combat has no depth to it. Limited to 3 skills only and a good majority of skills no one touches due to lack luster and lacking in cc or damage department.

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??? riposte is EASILY avoidable.

u know that only bad players complain about it right?!


No one uses riposte to land the stun, unless you’re doing 1v1. We’re talking about the utility, and it’s way too short of a CD for that.

its 1 sec bro

This is the first time since launch I’ve seen someone else remark that 3 (6 w/ offhand wep) skills is abhorrently low for play cycles.

It’s really no wonder wars are Gauntlet spam and PVP meta is “dodge til ded.” It’s not like variety is high.

This is a half truth. The combat and abilities were designed for a long time for a completely different game than what we got at launch.

Instead of redesigning combat, they just tweaked this and that and said HERE.

All the problems in this game are because of the same one thing. The game was developed to be one thing and then VERY LATE in the dev cycle it was changed to be something else.

Im surprised more people don’t really talk about it. Sure with the 3 skills there is specific times you should execute a skill if it has a CC tied to it. But where is a 1-2 min cd skill for a break out of a cc or that oh shoot moment where you dump the big heal CD. They could elaborate so much more with the style of combat. We have Light and Heavy attacks, why cant we chain them from light light heavy and do a unique weapon combo or light heavy skill 1 light.

Yeah they should take a step back and look at combat as a whole. They have the ground work to build upon and make it more fluid with specific weapon combos from chaining light and heavy attacks for example

WarHammer - Light Light Heavy - You swing the hammer left and right and then finish with an overhead slam

Sword and Shield - Light heavy heavy - quick slash and then a shield bash into a shield slam

Etc etc

That’s the sad thing, it’s not varied and you’ve filled your skill list by like level 20-30. Then you spend the rest of the game using those skills. At best you’ll develop an attack chain and at worst you just plod through QWE-ing like a MOBA.

Respecs offer you an extra 3 per weapon. I mean, 12 potential skills with 6 active at any given time that you’ll max before halfway through the game is bound to invoke fatigue the likes of which they haven’t seen before.

Even in beta I wanted interactions between held weapons-- skill trees, buffs, anything to help define it…

To understand their meaning of the game you should just see their Dynasty mutation video. Look for their builds and equipment. After thss you will not have any questions about game state.

True lol… it was ahem interesting to watch that video.

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