New World DOESN'T have a bright future

This is a big step in the right direction. One of the main gripes for fresh 60s was getting a sexy drop and then realising you just wasted your luck on trash.

We’ll see what they do next, but it seems like they’re finally doing the right thing.

I enjoyed it in the beginning but then I found it rather lacking. I have taken 2 breaks in the game for a few months because I was getting rather bored. I got back into it again after the Summer Medley update, and I am really enjoying the changes that were made during my absence.
PVP really doesn’t interest me too much but I do play with PVP on from time to time.
I do love the mechanism of mining, gathering, cooking, armouring etc. Although I find gathering the resources rather hard to find due to either bots or those who camp certain areas…

I was on PTR last night with the changes coming and I am really loving it. Starting from nothing and playing the game from the beginning with the new quests was actually really fun and also being told the lore of NW was an interesting aspect, something I wish was implemented a bit more into the game from the beginning.

So to step the negativity aside from NW not having/will not have a bright future and from other comments around social media, I think New World has an interesting story, I do enjoy the mechanics of the game and the style. It has a lot of potential, but the of course the work needs to be put into it more. Just like any other game…

I think people forget that this is a new IP, it hasn’t got a long history as Elder Scrolls or WoW. That doesn’t mean that the game can’t have a bright future.


Dead game seems pretty lively.


This post sounds a little bit like it’s coming from the people that take the time to log in, day after day after day (and then generally play for 8-12+ hours a day) and do nothing but spend all day in Global chat complaining about how terrible the game is, how much they think it’s the worst thing they’ve ever played, how much they’re going to so enjoy quitting (someday), etc and…

Then then do it all over again the next day, ad infinitum.

For people that hate the game, they sure do play it a lot lol.

Pfft who cares what some streamer thinks.

Year 1 Anniversary in 7 Days. :birthday:

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This says a lot.

I would tend to agree with the premise of the op.

The game picked up recent due to the impending content. But will quickly return to what it was. The pve end game is essentially non existent, relying heavily on developing a consistent stream of new content. The practice I would suggest is unsustainable for a buy to play game with a limited cash shop. I expect to see the cash shop expand greatly with a fair bit of controversial items in the near future if they expect to generate enough revenue to support the consumer demand for content.

The future of the game esentially will be as follows. Devs release a new content dungeon, players come back, play the dungeon, leave.

Pvp would support a consistent player base as pvpers don’t require content as furiously as pvers do, but that appears to not be the plan.

As it stands now we are in a gaming drought with few options so some of us have landed back here, for how long? Not long imo, especially when we daily have to deal with poor server performance, busted pvp, and laughable pve.

No it’s awesome like a month ago I had a solid 50-60 ping now I have an amazing 140-160 ping. I get to wake up every morning at 5am to make some soup I love it’s the best it’s fantastic!