New world faction swap cooldown

I swapped before the 120 day cooldown was switched so I had 74 days left on my swap. In the recent update they changed it down to 60 days but I believe that is still too long considering how long I waited. I waited 46 days and now they’re saying I should wait 60 more days which would still have been 106 days.


I have the exact same problem… same amount of days too

Hi @itsmacros,

My apologies to hear about the inconvenience with the faction change cooldown.

The specialist team is aware of this situation that is affecting different players experiencing more than 60 days on faction change cooldown. They are working hard to fix it soon within the next patches. My apologies for any inconvenience caused to you.

As soon as we have more information we’ll update the Forums.

Happy Holidays! :sparkles: :smiley_cat:

Thank you very much.

Happened to me too - my cooldown was reduced by approximately 4 days…
Unless we get a fix quite soon there’s going to be no need for a fix since it’ll be after the holidays and 120ish days since we started posting about the bug…

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