New World fried my gpu

I have a GTX 1080ti Xtreme. An old card, I’m aware, however running any other game ever I have been able to run it on high settings on my 155hz monitor and not have any issues or see any temps above 84degrees Celsius(183.2f). I’ve now been playing since launch on low settings with uncapped fps because the game is horribly optimised and if run higher than that I don’t see the frames I want. Today I decided maybe I’d like to see some things in better quality so I adjusted some settings and after less than a half hour of gameplay my gpu overheated so much it loosened connections, cut off power to the fans and then shut off. After some asking around and looking online I’ve found this was quite an issue in beta releases and that people were reimbursed but I also found that this is now not the case and you don’t offer compensation for your game ruining people’s computers. I would like to know if any staff have anything to say on this.

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