New World Future?

Now that the gaming community has spoken about New World in its current form, what are the plans to address the list of issues and complaints about the current state of the game?

I’d love to see the return of the original alpha state of this game. Many who played it thought it was a Masterpiece and stood in a category all its own in terms of know greatness. You literally had the best game ever concieved in the last 20 years and listened to all the wrong people and ended up with watered down repetitive garbage. The original alpha was a gold star standard in MMO gaming. At the very least make it a dlc to New World so you get a little money for it and I’m sure it will flourish while this current iteration of New World continues its methodical fall into obscurity.

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Wrong. Either you didn’t play the original alpha or you are completely out of touch with what the majority of players want, which is not what you want.

The problem with this game isn’t that it isn’t a gankfest griefing game (like you want) it’s the gear treadmill and the rediculous way they are throwing around the nerf bat basically penalizing the hell out of players who haven’t already reached near cap in tradeskills and gear… like making JC 7x harder, or making the gear grind worse not better or breaking mages.

No, the problems here are the complete lack of understanding of how to make a game that doesn’t feel like a job and is instead fun. It’s almost like Bezos taught them how to completely demoralize the playerbase like he’s done with his employees.


I actually feel bad for Devs and staff right now. They are doing their best to seem connected to the game and the community. Responding to game developments from player point of view but in many cases they are being played.

I don’t think the players scurrying to the forums blabbing about every little trick they found to level a little faster are actively trying to play the Devs. I think they are not used to anyone listening to them. Here or in any MMO.

In the end the Devs are butchering their game with what amounts to knee jerk reactions to input. It’s too bad from all angles.

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Majority of players doesn’t even play MMORPGs.

Ganking was no where near as previlant as you make it seem. There was a criminal system in the game that did a fairly decent job of making most players really think about whether or not they should engage another player or evade them. Think of all the pve gathering encounters with no recourse from other players when spawns are camped. I’d argue the present system is flawed by comparison to the earliest alpha builds.

Free building… This was a huge feature in the game. You built your towns from nothing anywhere on your land. Lets not even begin to compare the current system to this one because it’s not even close. You used to be able to keep foe’s out of your land. Can you do it currently?

The wars were epic. Fighting on the land you built on for ownership and having mean something. Also, wars were not instanced. Every war was unique and everyone was free to join as long as they chose to become criminals in the process. This created an amazing dynamic environment and ever since we a very unique experience.

Company shared storage and resource management. Companies mattered. The current game is a solo experience with nothing ever at risk. Don’t even get me.stsrted on item decay… That’s right, items would decay as they were used so the economy could flourish. No more best in slot forever items. You grabbed the best freely accessable gear around and made due. There’s no risks currently in terms of gear loss. The creates boring stale content over time.

Attribute caps. Everyone couldn’t be the best at everything in the alpha. This forced people to socialize and find people who specialized in woodchopping or building or even repairing and gave the player uniqueness and an identity in the game. Currently, it’s like everyone gets a participation trophy and can play in a world of their own and I get that for some this is better but to me, played by an MMO means I’m making choices and I can’t do everything and I need to rely on other players.

The current game is hemorrhaging players. I’m alluding to AGS they have a golden egg sitting in their lap. A game concept that, for some, was spectacular and captured MMO lighting in a bottle. For some, like yourself, it wasn’t but for others they found that original concept to be filled with overwhelming greatness.


go play runescape or fortnite , this is not that game.


The devs clearly does not play New World.

How can you design a game with soul, emotion and fun if you do not personally play it?

To be honest, I am mainly a very casual PVE-player who stays away from PvP-focused games. But this - and I can’t comment on whether it’s right or wrong as I didn’t play either Alpha nor Beta - this would have drawn me in. To be clear, I don’t oppose to PvP, it’s just not the way I like to play. The way you describe it though, looks exciting …

One big thing you mentioned, is that wars were not instanced. I remember the epic fights in Vanilla WoW where as a teeny weeny little lvl-20, you could flag up and simply join in, get killed like a bazillion times, get up and get right back in … and maybe get one kill :slight_smile: As I said, I’m a casual player and probably age is a factor not to be taken out of the equation (I am a dyslectic 16-year old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: with all the respect to dyslectic people!!!) and only like a lvl 32 now, I would love to be able to get into epic fights.

But in NW, it’s simply not possible:

  • Flagging up for gathering: ganked and camped … (mind you, not so different from other games but here it’s not fun because gathering is such an important part of the game);
  • As I understand it, lvl 60’s get kicked out of wars, report-kicking … abuse of (flawed) game systems (but humans will be humans, won’t they);
  • etc…

Anyway, the way you described it looks like real fun and I’ll happily sit on my hands for a (few) years to see this happen …

As I said … anyway …

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