New World Game STATUS?

I enjoy playing new world very much. But the daily peak of players online are getting smaller and smaller everyweek… do you think is new world staying for the next couple of years? … please don’t hate me, I am just asking, so I know if I still have to invest a lot of my time on this game, thank you.


There are already many posts that discuss this, what people feel the game needs to keep players for the long haul, etc… I’d start by looking at those. I just don’t want to repeat stuff I’ve spent a long time writing out <3

We don’t know what state it will be but its staying :wink: AGS can’t affort to abandon NW since its their flagship.

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I invest my time into new world because it’s fun. When it stops being fun I will stop.

If the player number have a negative effect on your enjoyment of the game then I would say not to play. For me the player number make very little difference (at the moment) it’s a great game and that’s all I care about.


I feel like what is a curse and a blessing at the same time with NW that even if the game kinda runs 10k active players. You dont need to care because you need only 1k+ active on your server to have a decent experience unlike other mmos


Nobody knows where the game is heading at the moment, but the current game state is dire.

Maybe the devs manage to get out of their slump and finally start releasing some actual fun content and decent balance updates or they continue to drop the ball like they did the last couple months. We‘ll see.

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When riot mmo release, remember this: everyone will abandon whatever mmo they are playing ( mark my word)

As they are currently advertising for people to work on this, all categories as far as I can tell, and MMOs can take a very long time to develop, this is going to be a few years away so not really a threat to New World unless they manage to keep it going for another 3 or 4 years at least.

Yh but if riot wants to keep the hype train going, they might hire lot of people to finish project faster, i expect 3-4 years max

It is a game and time is yours(I know, huge oversimplification but time vs games is always personal issue) as long as you enjoy playing just do it :smiley:.

I have heard this prophecy for nearly 20 years now. Rift, Aion, Guild Wars 2, Archeage and plenty more where promised to be the one to rule them all and end the dark ruling of WoW.

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Bro its riot, if there is anyone to do it better, its them, im big fan of valorant, and saw the progress of the game from day one till now, and how they handle it, + league of legend millions are loving it, they have lot of experience and money to make a good mmo,

You think the game is dead now?

I played back when the peak player count was 12,000

I stopped playing since the new zone dropped.


I personally dislike the look of their games, I know I won’t be playing it, I’m sure there is a market for these graphics as Fortnite, WoW and League have them and they’re quite popular, but I prefer games that have realistic graphics to them.


New world is probably leaving money on the table not attracting players that want to play games as a sexy rogue or scantily clad warrior, as stupid as it is on a gameplay level, that is the deciding factor for a lot of would be customers.

Personally i think stealth gameplay in action based mmos should be a standard but the most we get is a critical hit on attacking the blind side of an opponent

NW is doing fine, it’s in a content trough (read-bottom of cycle) now, because they just had their major content release this past fall, and it will likely continue to slide (declining population) until this summer, when new (major) updates are released.

Once new content is pushed out, people will return, it’s especially easy as the game is Free to play after purchase, so the barrier to re-entry is quite low for returning players. I’ll be the first to admit that I had previously predicted NW’s demise, but I was wrong.

The devs have stated they plan to stick it out long-term, and being profitable (on a yearly basis) is not a deciding factor in whether or not to keep the game running. My personal hunch is NW will run another 3-5 years based on all available data, possibly longer. The cycle of players returning for new content will likely continue into the forseeable future. Numbers may be low now, but they will absolutely spike back up with future content releases.

Just my 2 cents.


So a paid expansion was “leaked”, but I think the best thing AGS can do is announce a paid expansion soon to build excitement in the playerbase who are largely getting tired of repetitious chest runs, dead zones, pointless faction bases, horrid skins, and running everywhere… and so little to do.

New World needs to gain trust in the players, they need to release not just more dungeons, but raids, like that upside down pyramid? We need a great story that gives a sense of purpose, great skins to make me connect with my character and love logging in, which I don’t right now.

I hope they come through. I really do, because I want to love New World.


You call it 2-cents, while I’d call it the truth. Nice post.


Throwing resources at a development challenge doesn’t always make it faster in many instances it actually complicates the solution and increases the time to production.


Very true