New world grafics


I have an old computer of 8years old now and gonna buy a new game computer.
Im one of those that are bad on computers in general and looking for some advise.

What processor is best?

How much RAM to play smoothly nw grafics?


I want an computer that let me run nw smoothly.

Thanks in advance

would help if you said how much are you planning to spend, and if you are EU/US or somewhere else


Ryzen5, 32Gb ram (so you can play anything else besides NW).
Video… well, you have a wide budget.
I run NW on a 1030 an a 1050Ti, so anything newer would do better for sure, but you can start with a cheap GPU such as the 1050 (don’t skim on the CPU or you have to change the entire rig later).

I’m not up to date with latest integrated GPUs, so advising there would be bad, tho I recommend, if possible, run separated, interchangeable pieces.

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I have a laptop with GTX 1650 ti, intel i7 10th gen processor, 8 gb ram, and 500gig ssd drive. I bought the laptop 4 years ago for 1500 dollars AUS. I can play the game on high settings but my laptop gets hot. I play on medium settings and i get 60 fps and laptop stays cool.

Unless you want maximum graphics you can buy anything that was made in the last 4 years and the game will run fine.

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10000sek something like that and EU sweden.

i am no expert:)

i would go with something like 1660Ti , AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, try to get 32gb but i didn’t look much lately since i got mine a year ago

i would suggest you to go to ask around a few stores in your area with your budget and then post it here, or maybe somebody knows more

more than plenty, if sweden has a trustworthy resell market u can get a fairly good used pc

I did not see the most important question of all!
What is your monitor’s resolution/refresh rate?
Or, if you plan to buy that as well, which monitor do you plan to play on?

The suggested config will vary a lot based on your answer.

That I do not know yet, any suggestions?

I built my pc a couple of months ago, cost me around £1000 which is around your budget.

It’s quick, is one of the best for value processors for gaming when you look at benchmark websites and no issues at all. Runs nw over 150fps in most cases, around 90fps in busy towns on a high pop server.

I advise intel over AMD. Whilst AMD is cheaper, the way cores are used are differently from what ive read, plus ive noticed more people having problems with AMD.

I bought the following.

Motherboard: TUF gaming b660 plus wifi d4 - bought new for £130

CPU: i5 12600k 10 core - bought used for around £200, its around 1 year old. The alder lake architecture processors are very good for performance

Cpu cooler: Arctic Freezer i35 ARGB Tower CPU Cooler for Intel - new £35

GPU: rtx 3060 eagle 12gb - new around £350

RAM: 32gb vengeance ddr4 3200ghz - bought used for around £60

PSU: 750 CORSAIR - bought used for £40 (refurbished)

Storage1: Corsair Force Series MP510 NVMe M.2 480GB SSD- new around £60

Storage 2: 1tb crucial ssd - around £60 new

Tower: DeepCool CC560 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Gaming PC Case - came with 3 front fans and one in rear - £50 new

Windows 11: £10 on cdkeys site

Total: around £995.

If i made this build on a custom website with these parts, it would have been around £1700

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SSD is a must.
Your question would require budget, how often will and can you upgrade PC, what are your needs.

Nice build, wtf you get more fps than me with 5900x and 3080 :D. I guess your resolution is not 3k. Are you doing 1440p?

Yeah 1440.

First pc ive ever built, best decision i made

Here is my FPS 45-60 and Latency etc.

Which graphics settings?

I should have added with the above, i have everything on very high

Currently I have medium on all.

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