New World has a chance to get ESO players

Oh please, go ahead and google dungeon finder eso and you will find pages of complains from players that it doesnt work, years and years after its implementation.

NW is not a PvP game it’s a themepark MMORPG with PvE and PvP content.

Sorry ESO is the NEVER ENDING $$$$$$$ POS online game I have ever seen.

Standing outside the many different entrances for hours spamming looking for…and they thought that would really work.

ESO is my go to sleep aid game for sure.

I disagree with this.

New world has a terrible questing system. In my opinion they shouldnt be focusing on what other games do far better but finding a niche and investing in it.

New world has great gathering, crafting and building open world system and pvp. No other games lets you just build out in the open world, we should be getting new things not shit other games do. I am talking base building, tower defense small group content, boats, islands etc.

If they started focusing more on questing and story over world content, PVP and crafting i think that would warrant firing whoever is making the decisions. Successful products find a niche and maximize it, if you want to be kinda like other games you end up like RIFT or other games that just end up dying because they do everything other games do but just slightly worse. Maximize NICHE!


Yeah. When I played ESO it a when they launched. Maybe they added some since then (as I assume they did) but I am going off back when I played. To be fair, back then I didn’t do every single dungeon as I stopped playing at like level 40 or so because the game felt unfinished to where I completed all the quests and the next ones I could do were like 5 levels above me which I had tried then and got destroyed. I couldn’t find any more quests around my level and did give you a good path to follow like other mmos do so that is when I left.

I did try playing ESO again for fun a couple months ago but after about 30 mins I was done. Not my cup of tea. Not saying it is a bad game as I can’t speak for it overall today since I only played 30 mins.

@Bojangles I quit eso 2 weeks after launch of 2014, came back in 2018 and it was improved to the point i made it my main mmo, but due to boneheaded decisions recently, i had enough

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Only pvp players maybe if they only playing the ESO for pvp.
Eso has tons of pve content. Tons of rpg content, actually best mmo"rpg" game in the market probably. Tons of RP content. Huge world, huge depth.
Overall it is far better than New World. This game felt like PubG or Fortniite when it comes to the quality. Even npcs can’t walk in this game.

So I love ESO but playing New World right now because of only the pvp. However i think Eso is long run, New World is just a pause to experience something different. But it’s not a good quality Mmorpg.


Man, the first thing that came to my mind when playing NW is naval combat. Imagine a PVP ship vs ship combat? 20+ people needing to perform organized tasks like reloading cannons, firing, retracting sails, etc… Or a dungeon/raid in the middle of the ocean where you fight a Kraken-like creature in a ship, with the same mechanics like the PvP one…

But we still can’t swim… :upside_down_face:

But a man can dream… a man can dream…

@gahpar well eso is not doing too great right now, but thats just my opinion. I believe AGS is taken my feedback, yourss, and others seriously and will improve on them. We gotta take into account this game original presentation got changed in the middle of the development process, and pushed to release 2 years too early by higher ups. I’m not giving AGS a pass but all I’m trying to do is try to give my feedback to improve the game.

Actually, i’d rather keep it that we can’t swim. They can even make up a reason lore wise why azoth saturated water is impossible to swim in.

But they could give us boat combat, and boat to boat skirmishes. Getting knocked off the boat won’t be a quick swim back on the boat, you are dead. xD

No eso dungeons are good but some of the boss mechanics where just dumb, yea the open world is beyond boring.

Every game has its own problems its right. Eso have too many problems.
Yet ESO has solid roots. The game itself is well and richly designed. This is what New World lacks. This game is only hit game. No lore, no depth, every map is copy paste, world design is so poor. Even npcs are copy paste. All the areas are copy paste. Quests are boring and copy paste. Not friendly to new players.
And before all of those, too buggy, bad engine not support larger players. I never seen any mmorpg that i face with a new bug every single day.
So i can say this game is not alternative to Eso, GW, WoW or any game like those, for me at least. This game is just funny and nothing more. I won’t spend too much time to this game. I only play this game like how i play CS GO.

Well, this game is only alternative to Albion. No one expect huge world design, lore in Albion They just doing pvp and grind to fun. Because all of the design of Albion feeds that desire.

This game has same design with the Albion.
Going further, I can say that they thought it would be great if we officially did Albion Online with very good graphics. However they failed. No one spend so much time to grind decent gear for pvp for this game. Just as they wouldn’t do it in Albion Online if they had to. So design of this game is crippled.

ESO’s community would ruin this game lol.

It has too many of the “i bought this game so you are actually harassing me when you dont invite me” group in it.

The only reason zos is making their game killing changes is because of aggresive lobbying by bad players who are fine with it being a fashion game if things dont work out.

These people would legit call the cops if they got killed in open world pvp.

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I play both ESO and NW and I agree with what you wrote. I think in the beginning NW had for me really no story besides go here, there and then back again, oh a note (never read them :sweat_smile:). That got a little annoying with the release of the game, especially with just walking :sweat_smile: I like how ESO has both walking, running (and swimming…) and the use of mounts - not sure how mounts would work in NW, personally I think it would be interesting to see, but probably be annoying in PVP.
To have better rewards loops and better armour skins (mostly for me, it’s the hat/helms… everything else looks good) and to be able to colour the skins as well would be a bit of a plus for me.
I think ESO has many beautiful areas and different animals/monsters etc than NW. I think NW gets a bit mundane. Windsward and Mourningdale are visually similar, but just flipped. :laughing:

But in saying that I like the whole skill stuff with mining, wood cutting, weaponry, etc system that NW has, I personally don’t like ESO’s system with tailoring, alchemy etc. I much prefer NW’s way. Although it is annoying with bots and campers to be able to get stuff…

I think so far NW is looking promising, I got back the 2nd week of the Medley Fair update after not playing for a few months, and I like what they have done so far in the game. :blush:

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When are people going to learn, rewards are not a game mechanic that keeps players. Those players that do are the ones that jump ship the quickest because they often look for the next shiny thing which is often a new game.

What the game needs is to establish a solid game loop as they have achieved in campaigns from various titles like halo, call of duty skyrim, the witcher etc.
In a similar light the multiplayer loop is just an attrocity the multiplayer doesnt have much meaning behind the gameplay. In halo you are trainees that are perfecting your combat skills in a simulation designed to perfect your abilities. In battle field you are legitimately in a constant struggle for territory and are actually fighting for a purpose in real time and the maps have enough variety to feel unique and not a repetitive game loop and the most important part is that everything is established with purpose.
Now lets look at new world. There is no actual reason why the town stations degrade in tier when the forts are the locations that get attacked. The towns dont ever get attacked so why do we defend a fort. There is a tent that is only visited in a very specific and boring quest outside of the territory wars. Ive mentioned a change that would fix these issues but its always snow balled by mr shiny guy that says we need better rewards. Tells you what mr shiny guy. Lets pretend you got the keys to the game and got all of the best things. What would you ask for next.


Funny but true

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This is a hybrid of PvP with PvE elements faction missions that resemble PvP multiplayer game objectives that can be played independently. The beauty of this is it negates waiting times, rosters, and fixes itself to already existing mechanics making it easier for devs to implement compared to other projects they work on and from other pitches i have seen on the forums. But has much more room for expansions later down the road.

What I propose is in contrast to the current faction quests. this feature would make use of the current faction rep quest giving model while offering more versatility.

To set the parameters, utilizing the forts and tents are the primary focus. They should be be populated with 10 NPC’s respective to the territories level that ally with the faction that currently controls the fort or tent. With some consideration I find the combination of 1 elite commander, 2 elite captains, 2 archers, 1 rifle-man, 2 sword and shield, 1 great axe, and 1 spear would be a well balanced defense for the NPC population at each structure.

A faction rep should be at the forts and tents for rapid mission deployment but fort and tent reps offer less than town reps in a way for a third faction to attempt to catch up to control a tent or maybe even overtake a fort.
To gain control over the fort or tent instead of the 10 minute king of the hill gameplay which is currently the longest waste of time in gaming history. Instead, the faction that has the most pull in the territory control gets the fort and the faction with the second most control gets the tent.
Faction missions completed from the towns should offer more points to ensure a catch-up mechanic for the third faction.
And here js the kicker to really mix things up. The faction rep is made as a psudo boss character (an elite level 85) if you want to kill this character. You are going to have to earn it but the reward is that the enemy faction can no longer get missions in their fort or tent until it respawns.

Dividing the missions into two categories.
groupers (missions that rally players together, they dont pay much but can be done in rapid succession)
pullers (missions that pull players away from the forts and tents to stimulate a struggle, and they should pay more to discourage players form ignoring them)

THE CONVOY puller- team fortress two had an escort multiplayer mission where teams had to defend a cart and deliver it to its destination while the other team has to destroy it. I propose a multi caravan convoy that has to travel from the town or border, to the fort or tent which would pull players away from the fort or tents for a certain amount of time. however the enemy faction has to destroy all 3 caravans to prevent a victory. one caravan should have a war horn, one should have a turret and one should have a cannon completely usable.

SABOTAGE grouper- in 3 minutes, teams have to defend the fort while the others have to attempt to tamper with the forts defenses. with visual smoking effects for the already affected equipment. total sabotage of all the equipment is required for victory while defending teams have to repair the equipment.

DEMORALIZE THE ENEMY grouper- capture the flag between the fort and tent its been tried tested and has held its own for decades as a standard multiplayer PVP game type.

DOUBLE AGENT puller - intercept the defector, track and capture or eliminate the defector who is currently trying to flee the territory. take the intel carried by the defector and bring it back to your faction rep or take it to the enemy’s faction rep for no faction points but an increased monetary gain.

SPECIAL DELIVERY grouper - deliver a caravan loaded with explosives to the enemy’s fort or tent players must physically push the caravan and defend it to succeed.

ASSASSINATE THE COMMANDER grouper - kill the commander, stealth optional.

SUBTERFUGE grouper - deliver the fake orders to the corrupt faction rep without being detected by the guards.
Optional puller kill a messenger last reportedly seen in-between the town and the seige, take his letter and deliver it to us for a bonus.

FOOT PAD puller - circuit race, run and deliver a note to 4 destinations within the timer to receive a reward.

KING OF THE HILL grouper Hold the middle ground for a collective time of 10 minutes (one man holding position is 20 minutes, two men holding position is 10 minutes, 3 men holding position for 6.66 minutes, 4 men holding position for 5 minutes) and time doesnt reset upon death

MAGE-BALL Grouper a flock of turkeys are in the battlefield. we cant let these get us in a fowl mood. take them out. 2 minutes to kill 20 turkeys may the best mage win.

RESIDENT CORRUPTED grouper a micro demon is loose nearby, small but absolutely deadly. take it out. if you die you rise up as one of them with a 50% health debuff but a 125% damage increase. you slowly loose health but gain health per players defeated. you loose the ability to perceive friend from foe except other corrupted, you gain 50% haste for 5 mins and gain a small faction bonus bonus for every man killed. but killing the demon gets you a lot of faction points.

if you have any objections to this I would like to hear from you
if you support this idea I would like to hear from you as well.
if you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to add them.

Ive played ESO on and off since 2015, on both PS and PC , i practically live in Cyrodiil (pvp zone) and i will say this, be careful about what you are asking, a large bunch of the PvP peeps on ESO are as toxic as they come, easily rivaling LoL levels of Toxicity. Some even get salty enough to Doxx and stream snipe streamers on a regular basis, simply because Zenimax does nothing about it. Now are all ESO PvP peeps like this , NO , absolutely not. There are many that would be a solid asset to New World and its need to expand its community both PvP and PvE. But, you just gotta hope New World gains the Right Ones vs the other, at the very least maybe the Toxic ones may find a lil chill within New World who knows :rofl: