New World has an Identity Crisis

I havent started reading yet as i type this but I always had a feeling that they try to have alot of Dark Souls mechanics but only go half way with them, which makes it feel clunky.

I will now being reading, just wanted to say that.

It was based off Dark Souls in ALL marketing up until their move after their last Alpha test.1EAEC7C0-D78A-4AE8-99CA-4FDBA2E65EA4

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Thanks I like to think I am not alone on many aspects of this here is a great rant from someone about the “watermark” grind and skilled PvP: Reality of New World had a good chuckle.

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Thanks for taking such a long Time to share your opinion.

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Great post. I completely agree. In trying to satisfy everyone, they’ve made a watered-down experience that marginally satisfies everyone.

I actually think they could potentially solve some of the large group vs large group PvP issues if they just turned on friendly fire.

Everyone’s favorite person to hate Asmon even just released his video and a major point of it was how terrible HWM is.

Anyways, back to roaming the countryside flagged while picking hemp and mining iron. The true end game.

I read through and it was hefty. I would like to add that i made a post on crafting XP. In my post below it shows even further the sort of lack of ‘organization’ so to speak as crafting higher level things produce less xp per iron ore spent which leads further to “why should i craft my gear”

There are so many great analyzis here in the forum what needs to be changed,
AGS, why don‘t you listen?

Might have made more sense to lead game development with gamers instead of bankers?

I wouldn’t even mind the banker issue if the game had a focus.

New World has an identity.
It is a PVP centric game with a PVE layer on top. The problem is just that there is very little PVP content and no meaningful PVE content what so ever.

Have you seen this? I am watching it now. Never in my life did I think I would agree with this guy.

yes, he is right. Although I do not share his optimism. There is no content and no working vision for PVE.

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Just your typical New World whiner. Nothing worth seeing here.

He was sponsored by New World to stream the game in the beginning of course he isn’t going to go full bore on them. He has to maintain some relationship. That or he really is optimistic which is great, but doesn’t fix the broken game.

I saw this finally. And crazy to see a take like this from him. Specially since he single handed probably had the most influence over this game and what caused so much of the pain today. Sigh…

(A public Test Realm was created, but not to test, to showcase… PTR and November Balance Changes)


Great post. You hit the nail on the head.

Thanks. I wish not hitting the nail on the head though.

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