New World has some of the Jankiest PVE ive ever seen

The design of 50+% of your mobs is actually unbearable.

I understand this is a PVP game, but your game lacks PVP content. 1-2 Wars ever 2 days for 30 minutes, no battlegrounds (outpost rush is a meme atm) and no PVP servers with force flag. (people just run around and gather with PVP toggled off)

So if you want PVE to be serious in New World make it better. It is awful in its current iteration, and I mean awful.

  1. Mobs should NEVER be able to move players as much as they do now. You can literally get multiple mobs who just push you into the wall and keep you stuck there. Sometimes mobs push you into a wall and get you stuck in a wall and reset. The mob pushing meta is awful and should never be in any game. The collision with mobs is so janky and terrible to play around (Maybe minimum knockback is OK if you associate it with a few mechanics shouldn’t be mobs baseline to push you)

  2. Infinite stagger in PVE should not be a main mechanic. Not being able to play your character is bad design most of the time. New World needs to be able to distinguish difficult mechanics vs annoying mechanics. Alot of New World PvE mobs aren’t difficult they are just annoying. Infinite stagger is a bad mechanic and there should be some sort of soft DR.

  3. Weapon swapping and spell queing is very janky. And there’s even obvious bugs that regularly happen where if you regularly are switching weapons in combat your UI will say you are on one weapon while you have the other one holstered. These type of problems are actually super annoying if you have a build relying on 2 different weapons.

  4. Lastly a fair amount of your mobs are poorly designed and this goes with point #2. Tentacle mobs are a good example, people literally use hatchets just to avoid stagger from a tentacle doing the same smash down 4 times in a row. These mechanics aren’t difficult it’s just annoying how long it takes to kill a mob due to infinite stagger. Tentacles are one of the many examples of poorly designed mobs with infinite stagger annoying mechanics.

If you aren’t going to add PVP content with battlegrounds/PVP servers then you should work on making PVE less of a meme.

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