New World has the worst Devs i saw in 14 years of MMO's

Here is a look into the “minds” of new worlds Devs.

Problem:"Since New World’s launch, we’ve heard the feedback from our community that the HWM system was not communicated effectively, promotes a single monotonous activity, had too much randomness, and was a bit too grindy"

Solution: “if your War Hammer Expertise is 520, and you equip a 550 Gear Score War Hammer, the weapon’s effective Gear Score will be reduced to 520”

They are legit not fixing 1 of the points they themself raise, how is the grind being reduced by forcing everyone, including the PvP and crafting ppl to farm “Expertise”? How is the randomess reduced if its still the very same drop a piece to get higher “Expertise” crap, and the Gypsum stuff will not fix this no thanks to the reduced chance to get a bump in the first place. You still grind alot to get 1 Gypsum chest which will give you like 1-5gs improvement on 1 part, thats still 1 out of 5 armor pieces, 2 weapons, and 3 Jewlery.
They are also destroying crafting skills since there is no point in crafting any armor when you still need to get your “Expertise” up, by dropping getting a piece of that slot. So at this point crafted armor will only be good when you got “Expertise” 580+ and then you still have to deal with the GIANT crafting RNG by trying to get those 3-4 perks and attribute you need with all but 1 being totaly randome. The fact that they even thought about this just shows be how bad these Devs are, they dont even know what this game is about. No one, really no one plays New World because he likes grinding the same 6 mobs over and over to get a higher “Expertise” Score, sure many ppl will do it to get their gear, but they aint having fun. So many ppl like me who played MMO’s for 14+ years and are tired of the same old same old picked up this game because it didnt hold your hand. Wanted to lvl to 60 by doing nothing else but proffesions? No problem, in fact i leveld from 20-60 with only this way and it felt great to have no one hold my hand. Now i got my 2 600gs crafted legendary weapons and a bunch of 580+ armor i crafted for myself, and all of it will now land in the trash because my HWM is 502, thank you so much, if the updated lands like that im gone just like pertty much all crafters.

TLDR: Devs are so bad they think ppl want more HWM farming, less PVP rewarded gear and even more useless crafted gear, if incompetence had an award they would win it without competition this year.

Flag this post if you want, but im done watching a game with a great concept get destroyed by Devs who are too incompetent to 1, deliver a not techincal broken system 2. deliver the content the community actually wants instead of mind boogeling dumb decisions like WH/GA buff after the PTR feedback.

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I think you just need to improve your reading comprehension. So much misunderstanding from something so straightforward.

Then show me where in the update they stated that crafted gear will not be affected by the new change. Hell, check the forum and you will see how pretty much every person who was focusing on craft skills will quit when the crafted gear gets reduced to the “Expertise” skill. And for what again? You still have the same amount of grind, rng , and boredness. The only reason i can think of is hidden in the sentence “we believe in the long run this will result in more rewarding progression loop that can’t be bypassed by buying gear off the trading post.” 1. AKA they know market has been fucked 100x since launch and tons of ppl are having BIS gear from all those exploits, but bc they have no clue how to punish them they rather fuck over everyone

I don’t think they’re bad. There are a few core bad decisions that cascaded from there.

  1. Lumberyard. OMG, why?!? If Amazon and AWS want an engine, let them work on it. Don’t develop massive games on an underdeveloped and poorly iterated engine.

  2. Watermark. An awful system that encourages mindless grind without player engagement. Tedium turned up to 11.

Those two things alone have completely undermined the incredible potential this game had.

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1.) I understand your frustration and we all hate to see you go.
2.) Obligatory can I have your stuff?

IDK Tom Chilton, Matt Furor and a few others are up there ahead of AGS.

having a problem in your core mechanics is 1 thing, and tbh since its a fresh mmo i dont mind them that much. But they way they are trying to fix these problem just too me proves they lack ether the expertise you get from actually playing your game. Or a lack of care to not actually think stuff trough. Again, this update will result in way MORE grind not less, now EVERYONE has to get HWM, no more faction gear or crafted gear or even bought gear after days of farming gold. Nope, only more of the same grind for some shitty rng that has like a 1/1000 chance to give you a piece of armor you actually want.

Didn’t read the whole post but I think they are doing a good job.

How could you possibly think that? The New World launch has been atrocious and the devs have broken more things than they have fixed.

Plus they keep nerfing player progression after a huge chunk of players hit 600wm and 200 crafting, which is a BIG no-no in MMO games.

If you think its good you need to farm expertise to 600 so you can actually use your crafted weapons/armor then im sorry but WTH is wrong with you, how can drops from elites be the only way you want to get gear progression? How do people keep defending amazon after every bad update they turn out, if you like the game then those mistakes should annoy you just as much as much me.

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