New World is 2-3 QoL patches away from being very good

I have about 700 hours in this game (a lot of this is pure idling and just chatting with people), and I keep thinking how much of a shame this game is because it is simply a patch or two from being excellent, but it does not seem to be trending this way because of AGS’ lack of understanding of its playerbase.

  • Improve fluidity of combat and weapon swapping. This seems to be on the horizon but there is no roadmap so we don’t really actually know if this is actively being worked on or not.
  • Improve weapon balancing in PVP. I won’t repeat this again, but in every single big server, Wars and OPRs are dominated by two weapons. Yes it’s the first two that popped in your head. Let’s move on. It’s incredibly stale and braindead gameplay.
  • Reduce effectiveness of CC (stuns, roots, knocks, sleeps, slows) overtime. If devs actually play the game, you would know how genuinely frustrating it is to be stun locked until you die. There is nothing you could do here, no matter how skills of a player you are. inb4 jUsT dOdGe bRo.
  • Improve UI/UX of the trading post. Minor improvements have been added such as the Attr filters, but so much more could be done here.
  • Fix bugged perks, or incorrect perks. Things like T5 Opal on weapon only adding 9% of damage instead of the full 15%, or T2 Int Conversion gems being better than T5, or Empowering Fireball not really actually working, and the many many bugs within perks.
  • Server mergers. I personally play in a large server so this doesn’t bother me, but I can’t imagine how many people have stopped playing purely because they were unfortunate enough to start or transfer to a dying server. There’s literally no point to log on each day if your server maxes out at 100 people.
  • Improve watermark farming. The current best way to farm your end game WM is to zerg elite zones + farm level 65 portals. It is just mindless grinding. Seriously. I personally think OPR chests should increase watermark more. I have played at least 200+ OPR matches, and as someone that doesn’t really grind PvE things (yes, I know, it’s my fault, I admit it), my WM is still below 540 for most thing because OPR chests don’t do much to assist in watermarking
  • Fix chat. Chat breaks for me literally every hour. I either have to restart my game, or manually mark the chats as read, to fix it. How can something as simple as text chat be broken?
  • Provide a long term roadmap so current players + inactive players have something to look forward to. More than half my formerly very active guild has thus stopped playing the game. I asked if they quit, and many of them so no, they are just burnt out and/or are sick of the state of the game that it is currently. They all expressed interest to come back when the game is at a better state. I cannot but agree with them.
  • Listen to your userbase. Please. I totally agree that 80% of the posts on the forum and Reddit is pure noise and useless. But lots of folks have shared detailed + reasonable feedback on the game. Listen to these people. They may not be right all the time, and you may not agree with it, but these people that take the time to share detailed feedback are at least worth listening to. Please listen.

I think the few points I listed are my major complaints of this game. And the thing is, it’s really just a few patches away from being so good, this game.

I am not asking for much really. I just want this game to succeed because it can be so good. I’m not even asking for new content. Just improve the base game.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? What other QoL changes do you think would heavily improve player experience?


Nope sorry, those things you mentioned are mandatory and can be expected. They don’t make a game “very good”. So much has to happen for that. I might come back in a year and see what has happened.

Couldnt agree more, specially with the last point. This game’s foundation is very solid, they just need to focus on the more urgent aspects, many of em that you pointed out, and start listening to what the community is trying to tell them.w

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