New World is a breath of fresh/old air!

I have seen allot of crying on these forums about how repetive the questing is. Or how there is no mini map, or addons, or mounts. How the combat is too simple. The list goes on and on.

Well kids, welcome to old school MMO playing. A world where you build your own story.
I remember back in the day when you could spend all day in the same dungion just farming. Never worried about keeping up with your raid guild. Never trying to follow some comicbook story line that you really didn’t care about. MMO’s these days feels like you are just one of the thousands standing in line to ride the same too rides. Raiding, or PVP. Not the fun kind, but the kind where you are a great warrior chasing the other great warriors to snatch a flag.

Raiding isn’t any better, you just wait around until the addons tell you what to do. And at the end you get to watch the main chars spit out there cheesy lines that you don’t really care about.

MMO’s used to be about community, not what new purple sword you got that week. Community is what made allot of us old MMO gamers fall in love with MMO’s in the first place.
Most MMO’s these days feels like an assembly line, where at the end you get your box with purple loot and get spoon fed a story.

New World has brought back allot of the old feelings I used ot have in the old days of Asherons Call and Dark age of Camelot. It was all about adventure, world pvp and friends.

New World has really given me another spark. I haven’t had one of those in years. I would gladly pay a monthly fee just so I can run around in the imersive and beautiful world. I’ll take that over a boring story line and flashy gear any day.

So tired of everyone talking about the boring combat. Name me one MMO that has fun combat?
I would probaly have to say Final fantasy. But I for one find most MMO’s out there have boring combat. WOW and FF14 have boring rotations and almost all of them are just full of bloat. Who wants 40 buttons to push? I sure don’t. The combat in New World 6 buttons if you are using both weapons, and it is still just as fun if not more then say WOW where you have 30.
I can’t remeber the last time combat from reg questing was truly challenging in any MMO, except for maybe Ever Quest lol.

I think New World has amazing potential.

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