New World is a good game

I’m 60 years old. I started playing video games with Pong in the early 70s. I was there on launch day for Meridian 59 in 1996. There are few mmorpgs I haven’t played since then.

There is a lot of overwrought hyperbole complaining that New World’s launch and current state is the "worst in mmo history. It seems there are a few knowledge holes that need patching.

Remember Vanguard: Saga of Heroes? No? THAT was a bad launch. Killed the game in fact. Oh, and don’t forget that Final Fantasy XIV, one of THE most successful mmorpgs today, was so bad on launch that the DEVS shut it down.

Elder Scrolls Online had to have an extensive makeover. Fallout 76 was so dead that the devs had to add npcs just to keep the trees company.

The list of mmos that have had FAR worse launches than New World is staggering, yet for some reason a large portion of the player base seem determined to paint NW as “buh-ruh, the worst ever!”

New World’s environments are beautiful. The variety and density of foliage are unmatched in any mmo I’m aware of, with Fallout 76 coming a close second. In most games, you have “tree_01”, “tree_02”, and “tree_03” making up entire forests, just variously sized and oriented differently. NW’s forests look and feel like forests.

The crafting system is well designed, and guarantees that lower=level resources will always maintain value in the market. Rich level 60s don’t want to be off grinding an iron ore route somewhere, while a new player can put in the work and make some gold. Trivializing low level content and activities kills mmos.

AGS’s commitment to keeping NW pvp-focused is the biggest weakness. There is a truly great mmorpg here, but sadly many traditional pve mmorpg players won’t even give it a try because of that focus. Many of us carry memories of getting ganked every time we walked out of the tavern, then being corpse-camped for hours by some giggling cretin. That is NOT fun.

Overall, in its current state, compared to everything I’ve ever played, I give this game a rating of 8.5/10. In a few weeks, as bugs are fixed and patches roll out, I can see that rising to 9/10 or even 9.5/10.

Y’all just don’t know how you you have it.


Vanguards piss poor coding killed the game - bad launch and code for a subscription game is death.
The gameplay itself though was superior in every way to NW. NW was wise to be B2P because as a sub game it likely would not have a chance to recover.

I have no big hate for NW, it meets my expectations of a ‘throwaway’ B2P game you can enjoy for a while before moving elsewhere. As an MMO it falls well short though, with nothing ‘sticky’ to keep someone interested. Just lots of elongated grinds which fail to bring in any fun factor to disguise it.
My big criticism of the game is probably that near every element of the game stinks of being designed with a cash shop in mind.

Its 2021 , and it shouldn’t be compared with games from 5-10 years back. Its not like they are trying to create the wheel for the first time…
They are just trying to fix a game based on a bad game engine that causes so many problems.
I mean literally they fix something and another thing (or things) Break. They update/fix things they shouldn’t and they ignore other things they should (not always, they also did many things right)… Some updates even don’t announce, up until the point we find them, and their excuse is oops or “”“oops”"" (cause at this point i really don’t know if they are trying to sabotage their own game , if its inexperience or if the problem goes way to deeper to the core…
All games have bugs, but i 've never seen so many and that serious before in a Big Company that creates a AAA MMOrpg game.
New world isn’t a bad Game , it’s ok… It has many issues and the end game content is just not there… The reason i still play the game is cause i believe it can become a Great one and not for what it is right now …

If you compare nw to current release mmos its actually nit bad. Most are just as if not worse off in terms of bugs. Most are reused assets from other korean mmos lol.

It’s a great game. Also an “old” gamer and know what you are talking about. We’ll enjoy the game while the others can continue their quest for the “one true game” that does everything they want, and doesn’t exist.

Your Delusional with your ratings.

Just on the topic of content alone your ratings are destroyed. I’ve not played as many MMO’s as you, but I have played FF11, WOW, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, FF14, Elder Scrolls online, Age of Wushu, Neverwinter, Albion Online, Runescape, Rift, and probably a couple I don’t remember and with the exception of Albion online every single one of those games have a minimum of double the content of New World. So for that reason alone anything more than a 7 rating is just wrong.
Granted, new world is a beautiful place. Graphics are superb, sound is second to none and the combat really good. What we have is excellent minus the bugs, which I agree will be fixed in time. But the state of content is ridiculous and the developers know it and I don’t blame them. But the managers and suits on the other hand deserve nothing but scorn. This game is a minimum of two years worth of content building before it’s worthy of the scores you have given.

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