New World is a niche game - not for casuals

Just my take on it. Forcing us to play the watermark system version 2, a lot of casuals won’t stick around. There is the argument that if you just play 1 to 2 hours a day, you can reach that 600 watermark in a couple of months on your desired weapons/armor. But, that is still forcing you to play that 1 to 2 hours a certain way. And forget solo play when most of the mobs have some form of stagger. They advertise as a game for all types of players, just simply not the case with the changes coming.

This game is for the hard-core players that don’t mind grinding or lack of content.

These changes they are making is something that should have happened in beta.

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The changes aren’t even for hardcore gamers. Most of the hardcore MMO gamers won’t even think to try New World. More so after the first 2 months of update.

Hardcore gamers like their expression of skill to speak for them. New World allows players expression of zerg PvE grinding chests do the talking. This does not appeal to the hardcore gamer. This appeals to the casual mechanically challenged gamers.


I see your attempt to categorize things. 1. don’t call people names. Calling someone casual is looking down on them in this case. 2. There is no end game! Have you seen the horse all pretty on the ass and a 2 year old drawing the head. That is this game. There is no complete game for anyone here. Those that stay are just rats in an experiment for the devs and land owners.


diagree… changes are casual friendly… why? HC players and invalides can play all day.
Cauals not… so with new system and time lock you dont have so big gab between casuals and HC. After patch you can play one hour and have relative same progress as HC players. Trololo

They should reset GS to 520 for everyone for same starting point. Why 520 ? Because 520 is maximum in faction/winter event store. :slight_smile:

There’s lots of avenues to increase your watermark with the new patch, would what you rather spend your time doing to increase it?

One day you could do some OPR mixed with crafting… the next day some elite zones… the next day some corrupted portals… the next day some expeditions, and so on. If well designed, you can choose between the content you feel like doing that day.

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I dont consider “casual” a bad thing. I am a casual player. 1 to 2 hours a few nights a week. The fact that i spent most of my lvl 60 play time farming mats for my full voidbent set will be nullified and forcing me to farm gearscore is bs. Countless hours of mining and farming motes for what?

read the latest dev blog update

your voidbent will be fine


Haven’t they said that you’ll still be able to receive full effectiveness for something you’ve already crafted?

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Exactly, they should remove people’s progress so casual players that play 1-2 hours a day feel rewarded.

Please also cap daily Expertise bumps so casual players can be on the same level as hardcore grinders because it’s unfair.

Ah, they snuck that one in there. Good. Now if they would just get rid of tuning orbs and do lockouts instead, i would be happier. :slight_smile:

Hardcore grinders are glorified zombies skill-lets with no soul. You sure did that hardcore grind of ninjaing a few chest with little risk for hundreds of hours. You sure did that hardcore grind of zerging a few named bosses for hundreds of hour with little risk. Yup that’s pretty hardcore, not!

You are just a rat stuck in the Skinner Box mentally. And you call yourself hardcore because you can mindlessly grind casual content for hundreds of hours. LEL

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Let’s see if I understand, the game is not for casuals, it is for people who do not work, do not study, do not have a social life, ok, friend, I think you should get a girlfriend.

you know… its like new expansion in WOW… all your gear sux everytime and its new start…and people dont have problem with it for years

What is there that is rewarding about this game prior to hitting 600 watermark? 2 folks in the same group run laz. 1 has 600 watermark, the other has 510. Kill the same boss. Who gets the better gear and why?

Actually, the way I have experienced New World, it is for ‘casual’ gamers. I think it is great if you only play the odd hours, but I am someone who can push massive hours in games, and New World burned me out and I have left it behind. I don’t mind grinding (currently levelling a new veno in PWI - you grind on mobs for hours and hours on end to keep your pets levelled with you), but it was the kind of grind which made me leave. Not enough variety, no feeling of reward (like when my pet gains a level and I cheer and feel all fuzzy inside).

Think that is the biggest issue with long hour grinds in NW, the inbetween steps lack this ‘yay’ feeling for me. It’s just a goal at the end of a long grind, and you can do it for 1 or 2 hours and feel fun because what you do feels ok enough, but do it for 10 hours, and it zombifies you. I could not do it, it lacked moments of reward for me and felt endlessly monotonous, but I hope the game will grow, and in time, hopefully, it will get more fun engaging content going.

Dude, what is wrong with you? Seek some help… please…

System is not at all like wow. Skill plays a large part in gear progression. Not time played.

Just seeing if i am missing something. Grinded to 60, was rewarding. Grinded my materials for full voidbent set, was rewarding. What is the next reward? 600 watermark?

Reason a lot of people ditched wow based on the feedback I’ve seen.

I’ve been quite fine with it since I qualify for best ilvl first day of the Arena season.

I love how skill and rating is required for gear now, can slaughter people even easier in casual PVP.

Funny - for the most part this is a pretty casual game at least up to 60 from a PvE perspective. You can just chip away at things for an hour or two no problem whether it be crafting, quests or whatever.
I’ve been doing everything but PvP and I am 58 and a bit without having done a quest over level 45 and only went into my first dungeon yesterday. Definitely casual oriented, which imo is just fine.