New World is almost Perfect - Time to put pressure on EAC!


The game has improved massively and the latest update shows the dedication on making a fair game to everyone. Of course there are still some issues with balance and a few bugs. However, I reckon the next big change to New World needs to be with its anti-cheat partner EAC.

This is great news because this is not a development team problem, the only thing AGS has to do is call EAC and pressure them into giving New World more attention. And we can do it too.

I invite anyone annoyed by EAC’s poor detection for New World cheats to post and complain here in the forums and also at EACs support page, asking them why all New World hacks work.
You can message EAC at: Easy Anti-Cheat


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Almost perfect? Mr clown, login to game to see how perfect it is

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People who don’t play other games can only belive that xD
New Worlds atmosphere and sound just gives you this weird illusion of a great game

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