New world is dead

I played new world for over 400 hours, never once was I able to join a war, I did participate in a ton of fun open world pvp however.

The true issue with new world is the war system. The fact that a 2k pop server gets funneled into a 50v50 fight seems ridiculous. If capturing a town was more fluid with preventing pvp missions / multiple forts to fight around and if faction x held all ww forts and pushed it to pvp then they take it over. Then make it up to the companies to determine who owns the territory.

Better yet remove factions all together and just have company on company warfare, as factions serve literally no purpose but to restrict open world to 66% of the playerbase. Let me fight 90% of all other players.

Also taxes are just stupid. I started in a garbage server where fantasy costco owned ef, they maxed out taxes and as our faction needed that territory there was nothing we could do but watch them rake in the cash. We couldn’t fight for it or vote them out, we also couldn’t let the other factions have it as they were the larger population.

Just seems silly that the server can be held hostage by gold sellers.

I keep reading topics about how this game at its core is awesome. It’s not. Everything about it is broken and poorly designed. That’s why I quit and wont come back.

But don’t mind me, I just come to the forums to see how the game is declining and how the fan boys won’t budge.

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This man is salty but he is not entirely wrong. Combat is really fun, but the overall serverperformance ruins it. My endgame content ist OPR, but since the server merges it is laggy and desync.

Actually, on most servers, if you join yellow, you will be fighting 82% of the playerbase. Just so you know.

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Completely removing player influence from Settlements can solve a lot of issues, close a lot of exploits, AND open a lot of opportunities.

I agree with this. Factioneless game would be better for world PvP and wars.

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