New world is Houses Anonymous!

So yous are handing out compensation?

What about those of us who still have not been compensated even though it was promised way before the harvesting issue…

I started a who new character cause of this house vanishing HORSE SHIT!

Yet these guys had one little piece go missing and you give them the whole set.
Which is fine…
Now can we have a whole set of houses on my new character?
One in every city
kk thx

Sorry…did they sort out a problem ,other than the one you have prioritised?
Awww. :disappointed:

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yep, one that has only been a 2 day old problem that didn’t really affect people that much VS one that has been a major problem to people since the very first patch…

less stuff from harvesting > Losing your houses and everything (furniture, trophies, storage)

kinda seems disproportional

Ye, harvesting gear was missing from last patch, and they’re compensition it today.

But ppl who did lost house was not recive ANY compensation, bug for many of thwm is still NOT fixed, and that is almost 2 months rn…

Oh, i forgot to mention, that few haundred ppl sent few tickets by support for it, and noone recived songle respond…

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Hi guys,
My name is Tartigrade and its been 25 days since my last house.

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Hi, my name is Arcaniste and its been 30 day since i lost my house and 28 day since i stop playing this game !

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Hi my names is Allusive, i have been an addict for 20 years i have more bad days than good,

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Hi Guys,
My name is Tardigrade and its been 26 days since my last house got removed with no compensation.
i’m here for my daily check in, i’m pretty close to falling back into the housing market.

Just yesterday there was a purple talking about his trophies and i was like: “You dont want to go there!”. But he kept bragging and next minute i was standing over his corpse screaming: “I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO THERE!”


hi guys,
its me tardigrade again its now been 30 days since i lost my house and my account has not received compensation.

I’ve fallen off the hose, i bought a house in WW… it was just a little one!

hi guys,
its me Tardigrade again its now been 32 days since i lost my house and my account has not received compensation.

The house I bought in Windsword has a new doggo.
I hope the last doggo is taking care of the house that vanished and is taking care of themselves without me. :worried:
Remember to eat your cabbage my bestest boi, it will help with luck when you chew sticks!

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