New world is like a bad movie with All A-List actors. (Review)

Hey guys, first off - thanks for taking the time to hear my cries. I’m a casual player with 700 hrs loggdd.

I’ve played this game since day 1. And to be honest the leveling experience the first 2-3weeks were amazing. I played this game with My wife and this was her very first computer game ever.

Whenever we encountered the few bugs during the opening weeks. We always said oh its a brand new game, these bugs will be fixed. But week after week it just seems like the game kept getting worse.

What I really liked about the game was the crafting system to do while leveling. What I really disliked about the game was the fact that everywhere you went felt empty.

The towns have 0 folks living in the houses, no kids or dogs or pets walking about the streets, and town didn’t have a different theme music playing to make me feel like I was home or at a new potential home.

We noticed there is a lot of copy paste done in this game. That place Deadman cove, we noticed it’s layout pasted all throughout this games world and then it really put a bad taste in our mouthes when we realized morningdale was windward just rotated.

This is actually quite offensive. You guys made us buy a game that you just copied and pasted a lot of things around, did you hope we wouldn’t notice?

I sincerely dislike the quests… They’re mostly like oh go gather 10 crates and bring em alllllll the way back without a mount. These aren’t Quests these are town board projects… in fact, almost every single quest in this game can be a town board project. If you want a real quest I suggest playing runescape. Those quests are REAL STORIES! a real adventure. From something as simple as finding cooking ingredients for the kings birthday to finding a crazy crying ladies cat. These are stories.

Its crazy that new world wants players to impact the world - yet the quests don’t take you on an adventure or Introduce you to any meaningful NPCs beyond the first captain pirate dude who is also found in dungeons and myrkgard. More copy paste…

All in all I think the main reason why I quit this game today is because for the like… 5th day in a row. There has been 0 OPR. For me, I’m a hard core pvper with over 1m channel views and hundreds of pvp videos. It’s not as impressive as others but it’s what I enjoy.

I ONLY played this game in the endgame for pvp and… its non existent. There’s no pvp armor or weapons that are BiS that can only be obtained thru pvp. So this means all the good shit comes from crafting which can be bought. Which means settlements owning towns can get free money, gear up their scrubs, and have an advantage in wars with gear they never really earned. If we had legit non tradable pvp gear that could only be earned thru pvping then this would change the entire dynamic of the game.

I feel like ever since 625 came out. The game died. 0 people do OPR and there’s no point anymore in me logging on to wait 50mins for an opr queue just to win or lose due to imbalanced teams shit stomping the first 6-11mins.

This isn’t fun for anyone. In fact several times I check the score board and the team wins so fast that half their team members didn’t even get rewards for not making it to 500 points in time.

This was a fun game but I think it’s time I officially lose faith. I always wanted this game to succeed but I think the guy waaaay at the top is clueless on his vision and we blame the devs…

Actually I think the devs are amazing. In all my 20yrs of mmo gaming I’ve never seen someone push out stuff as fast as these guys. Truly talented. I just feel like this is a bad movie with a list actors and it’s all the directors fault.


It was obvious to me and my friends that the game director Scott Lane, didn’t know what he was doing whatsoever. The only reasonable progression system to level to 60 was to do repeatable content such as Corrupted Portals. Red Flag right there. Me and my friend spent 5 days playing from waking hour to sleep hour grinding those, was boring as hell and then we got to end game and there was literally nothing to do. Open world PVP was almost inexistent , OR was on hold (came out full of exploiters and with sniper call of duty meta from musket) and Wars… you could hold points in invincible mode and the lagg i was told was insane even if you had the best PC/internet in history.

This was a design flawed game from the beginning.


Idk why, but in the sense of pvp. Why would they make a weapon that can attack you from 200m away and you can’t hit them back. And if you somehow magically got close they use rapier to get out of jail free.

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Well, you complain about a musket that hits like wet noodles. Hardcore pvp’er much? :slight_smile: He shoots 3 times, I drink a potion and I’m back to full.
Gauntlets are broken, musket is just annoying.

Averaging 5.5 hours a day since launch. 38.5 a week. That’s 1.5 hours from a full time job! Your definition of casual is different than mine. :wink:

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Muskets hit for like 3.3k on crits. Most people have 10k health. That’s approx 3 taps til dead. What are you literally on about? We didn’t even mention powder burn… im not here to debate if muskets are strong or not. Not the point of the post.

Well I’m really at like 660 hours. And the first few days I was playing hardcore then switch to more casual as months went on. I’m doing like. 4h a day. I feel like that’s casual. Maybe 7h+ a day would be hardcore. But ur funny hehhe.

Casual is 5 to 15 hours per week (1-2 per day) with average being 8.5 hrs

EDIT: just realized, need an account to downlead report
here is summary:

Only 25% play more than 12 hrs a week

everything above is semi-casual to hardcore

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Interesting data. So I may be a bit more than casual. Maybe a regular.

look at people trying to quantify how sweaty OP is. totally missing the point


Right… its like… I write all this stuff and people take away is rather or not musket is good or if I played enough to be deemed casual… /swoosh

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