New World is like Real World. taxes taxes taxes

what did you expect?
rapists murderers and thieves
have you not heard the expression, rape pillage and plunder?

the whole world showed up on the doorstep, and proceeded to break the game in a week
but truly, competition is good?
even if it involves killing your brother
i blame the beta testers who mapped this out were 60 in a week had voidbent and were aggressively exploiting to win
win at all costs
now the game has been driven into the ground
what would take 6 months at least was done in a week
finished in a month

its a pvp game
survival game about controlling resources
you should never travel alone
there is no honor among thives
and kings declare war
unl;ess you thirst for killing this aint your game

this game has been so cheesed what did you expect?
they nullified all the vids in one patch
fu youtubers
i guess that keeps the cycl;e going
but what were they showing?
get rich quick and exploit solo runs
the motto of this game has been,

exploit early exploit often

last man standing

eat your own

Sol of Ophir

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