New World is Pay to Win

Yup, don’t believe it? New World is the second categorized listing on sites like G2G.
Even if the devs don’t put P2W in the store, the likelihood of finding a usable piece, or creating a valid build for less than a million gold is slim, even with a few of the new named drops that have been helping this.

The problem? Crafting. Crafting is pretty cool in this game, but the RNG throttles any player who seeks to have competitive gear into RMT if they aren’t a sitting governor.
This game’s crafting system needs to change, and as someone with many three perk crafted pieces even post shirking, it just has to happen.

You need to let people pick two perks. I know people are going to scream, but the crafting system in this game is literally a paywall for any new player who might ever want to try this. I have multiple friends that always want to give this game a go because it has a pretty fun combat system but because it has gear based pvp and the gear is worth a small car on craigslist nobody wants to give it any time.

Trying to stop RMT in 2022 is extremely difficult, it’s basically woven into the game and I don’t honestly think it’s even reasonable to expect any studio to be able to handle it the old fashioned way. Oldschool Runescape brought this up over 6 years ago when they were bringing Membership Tokens into OSRS, which are a cash shop item that can be exchanged with players for gold, that their data showed that 75% of players RMT’d in Oldschool Runescape.

OSRS arguably, very arguably, is way less oppressive in this regard. I’m sure New World reaches 90% RMT, because for the average player, they are looking at around 500k for a passable build due to an economy that has been inflated because of dupes and even just valid companies that have access to way more money.

Seriously, all you have to do is allow us to pick two perks and the attribute and this will be reduced by like 80% People will still RMT, nobody can change that, but it wont be nearly as bad.

Please change this
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Ya it is fucking dumb that one piece of gear costs gold cap + 500 asmo. The crafting RNG is killing this game.

Then if you want to try a different build you need another 3,000,000 gold to finish that build.

Another build? Just RMT another 3,000,000 gold.


Youre saying that as if you NEED bis to be competetive ? you can put together builds without spending insane amounts not every piece has to be legendary or has to have the 3 perfect perks if you don’t have the coin go for purple’s and you’ll be able to get a good set for not to much,

The really expensive gear is expensive because it’s BIS, The absolute best you can get for your build. If everyone can just craft BIS gear without any rng then what’s the point of having gear at all ? you just want a pvp game that is completely balanced with no gear to go after ? youre playing the wrong game i think


The crafting system does need an overhaul. The RNG is not fun especially spend the money and resources to get a completely unsellable item. The problem stems from New World continually adding more and more Perks to the game.

You mentioned the Perks and letting us choose 2. I’d be all for that.


I have owned main territories on main servers and made millions and it was barely enough to scratch the surface, I have roughly 30 bis pieces, if you think that bis doesn’t make a big difference then you aren’t playing competitively I’m sorry. Two perks is ok on a couple pieces but not on your whole set anymore or even before when you could just have rfe as a third, but especially now that there are extremely important perks like shirking fortification, phys/ele avers. Like I said, I’m not someone without gear asking for it to be easier so I can get it, I’m sorry you didn’t understand or read my post.


crafting is way to complicated to many items and things you need to own.
make it a easy prosses with rare items.
and auto load items from item stash no matter where they are.way to mutch click this and click that and run back to find a item in some item stach.


All the inflation rise is because New World DONT remove any gold from game. Just add endless money without removing for anything (except the small fee for repair if u dont use repair kits).
All money spent for crafting, trading fee, refining, house taxes are going back to companies. THIS IS WRONG !!!

New World should remove TRADING FEES from going to companies storage. Trading fees should be the way some money are removed from the game to hold a healthy inflation.


Yes you do. Maybe you didn’t need it when the game launched, but that time is gone.
Of course, you don’t NEED bis to play AGAINST competitive players. If you just play to lose and have fun doing so, that’s your choice.

The OP is saying that too much RNG ruins the game, because the most effective way to get BIS gear is to pay for it (through buying 2000 asmo every 2 days for instance). Crafting BiS items should be doable by the average player too, if they put the effort, which is not possible with the current state of the game.

And on the balanced side, yes, I would like a game that can be balanced but where gear matters in the sense that you get thousand of builds possible. Not in the sense that if you pay 500$ and have a little finger coordination, you just get to stomp on everyone.


It still doesn’t stop the problem, you don’t understand what’s happened. There is so much gold, sooooo much gold, but its circulated differently because it didn’t come into the game naturally, and it has created an extremely messed up economy. Even if the economy worked, you would still have whales rmting for triple rolls, its absolutely unreasonable to expect players to roll three perks randomly on pieces.


I also love how people who already own top gear just say “Git gud”. I don’t see them fighting in sub-par gear just to show us how good they are, skill-wise :wink:


peep the BiS gear in the pvp reward track on NWDB, its crazy good man. I don’t think this is going to be much of a problem come the next hour

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right this is exactly what I am getting at

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it’s a good start but it’s not enough, I dont even need really any of the gear from the tracker either but if I was a new player and I had some bs weapon with one perk and 3 resilient 3 skill perks no shirk fort no avers theres no way Id even stick around for the reward track yanno?

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For PvP all u need it’s Resilient + 1 more good perk and u will be competitive in any battle. In time u can find items with 3 good perks to replace them 1 by 1.

Having the so called ‘BiS set’ doesnt give u huge advantages. Yea, u can flame and say how great u would be. But if u dont succeed to be competitive with 2 good perks, u will be the same looser with 3 good perks too.

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I do pretty good with purple gear, I haven’t bought a new piece in ages.

honestly I don’t mean to be rude but if you are in 2 perk gear fighting a player who is 30% worse than you in 3 perk gear you lose, I’m really not sure how else to say this

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it dont solve the crafting problems that you say how good you are with purbles and so on

if you’re on maramma in two perk just for science when it’s live i can show you how unfair it is fighting someone in three perks

or there’s not a crafting problem

you are right, there are problems