New World is Saved

Hello everyone,

As the game slowly grinds to a halt, I still can’t shake the feeling that it’s salvageable. Here are ideas that will save the game, from economics to simple content updates.

-Increase/add general store.

Nothing inherently has value because the scraps of many items are equivalent to 2-3 repair parts and .25 coins. New world should have more ways to generate small amounts of gold and either increasing scrap value or adding a general store will fix it.

-Increase Emphasis on area advantage

What’s the difference between First Light and Everfall? Why is Reekwater’s trading post still bare after weeks of release? Why should I travel to cutlass? These are all questions that boil down to this core issue. There is no major difference between areas. Each zone should have an increased spawn rate of X resource and decrease of everything else. Each area needs to be distinct, not just visually but economically. There needs to be a good reason to travel to each city.

-More types of war

I personally don’t participate in PvP but I’ve read enough to know that we are not happy with the frequency and availability war. “Battles” should be added so war isn’t monopolized. This would be smaller battles for resource hubs, dungeon control and training locations. Of course this isn’t for all resources, but the control provides enough benefit to fight over.

What do you guys think?

The problem with adding a pve style npc that will buy “scraps” is that in itself provides a massive amount of income from selling said scraps.

What would be sellable?

Processed wood?
Only armour drops?

There is so much to collect and sell in this game.

I think the intended design was to turn excess items into Repair Parts, and then craft Repair Kits to repair items instead of using the Coin/Repair Parts method. This falls short because the time it takes to level the trade skill exceeds the amount of time it takes to actually level up your character and acquire higher GS items.

The bigger issue here is the wasted armor and weapons that just get scrapped for pennies and overcapped repair parts because they are simply invaluable stat/perk rolls and aren’t worth posting. They need a new crafting table, a de-crafting table I might say. You pay a small azoth fee, the guy gives you materials with a chance of acquiring rarer materials from higher end items in exchange for destroying your armor. Higher quality loot costs more Azoth. With this system alongside an increase to the hard Azoth cap, let’s say to 1500 or 2000, would provide a much more enjoyable experience with the ratio of Azoth expended and Azoth acquired.

You might also add the ability to bottle Azoth at a loss, for example, 300 Azoth turns into 150 bottled. I find myself needing to dump Azoth by just teleporting to another city for a miniscule reason, just so the next Invasion/War/OPR/Farm i run doesn’t waste any Azoth gains.
I’m constantly capping and completely draining my Azoth, and needing to structure my playstyle around this.

Edit: words

each settlement needs to be a different design and landscape layout,
sand dunes, city castles, seaport harbour. The settlement would have unique features,
one settlement have weapon dyeing vendors,
other settlements have transmorg vendor etc.
a settlement with survival game mode a player solos dungeons.
the more features NW adds those features would be allocated to settlements.

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