New World is unique. Let's keep it that way

So, this isn’t going to be a very long post. I just want to share my opinion. I see a lot of people talking about “Please change this system from New World to the system from my favorite MMO!” and I think that most of the people making this type of post are missing the point of this game. New world is a very unique mmo with a lot of good systems going for it that is struggling with a little bit of an identity crisis but has the foundation of something beautiful.

Instead of replacing systems in the game with systems from other games, the more beneficial thing to do for the identity of the game as a whole is to take the systems that are already in place and expand upon them and make them better. I don’t want to lose the sense of exploration and the social necessity of this game by adding a dungeon finder or making fast travel super easy. Or changing the market to be non player driven. Even adding mounts is something that could drastically alter the pacing and identity of the game.

I’m not an expert game designer so I can’t get super specific but TLDR; I don’t want New World to be just like every other MMO. I love this game and i want to see it only get better but not different to where 5 years from now its a completely different game with an even worse identity crisis just because it tried to make everyone happy.

This is solely my opinion and I hope to see you all in Aeternum!


Totally agree with all of this, nicely out. Take care and safe battles.


May I ask what these mysterious unique things are that only exist in New World?


All of new worlds features combined make it unique. The sum of its parts.


Chopping down a tree for an example.


Uhm, you can do that since 2012 in Guild Wars 2 or since 2014 in ArcheAge. And I’m sure other MMORPGs did that even before Guild Wars 2 (without the cool sound though).


ah but not EVERY tree Mr. Squidward. Also, he was half joking I’m pretty sure.


It’s got amazing PVE combat that absolutely desytroys WoW and even ESO in my opinion. Quest mobs in this game have unique movements and dodges, wildlife has its own unique dodges and moves. You have to react and dodge and then counterstrike. You have to use actual tactics and timing to your attacks to get the initiative, and dodges and parrys to avoid taking higher damage. The environment feels dangerous when you solo quest. You have to be aware to make camps near areas in case you are killed so that you aren’t teleported far away and leaving you right back at the beginning.

Compare that to fighting some level 1 wolves in WoW, where you stand there as the wolf in the forest stands in front you biting you as you stand there whacking it back with your stick. Then go fight level 5 kobolds. Then fight some level 7 boars. It’s ALL the same. The mobs never do anything different. Stand there and whack each other. In fact I don’t think any normal quest mobs in the world of WoW EVER move during combat. And I’m talking right up through level whatever. Just horribly boring.

I mean I honestly don’t think that half the power levelers in NW even appreciate how detailed and dynamic the combat is. Why? Because you grouped up with other people and RUSHED through it, so you just ran over mobs like so many obstacles to get to the next level. The irony of the whole “I want to be able to play with my friends” thing is that if you do the quests as groups you never get to see how fun the combat really is. You just gang up and spam your left mouse button and then onto the next thing.

I have had some of the most amazing solo combat and tactical exploration experiences in this game already. I completely love and enjoy going in with a sword and shield and taking on two or three undead and seeing if I can fend one off while attacking the other. It just feels satisying and hugely fun to me. It feels visceral and satisfying to do a double shield bash, then get in a quick sword strike before jumping back to avoid the counterattack.

If people are going to complain that the leveling grind in THIS game is “boring”? - I would love to know why those same people put up with WoW for years.

Comparing leveling in this game to WoW. In this game I don’t feel like I’m doing chores. I feel like I’m surviving in a world where I need things to improve my existence. Everything feels organic. I find myself during a quest, seeing some ruin off to the side and I go off and explore that. Before I realize it, an hour has passed and I forgot what my original quest was because I had so much fun exploring the ruin.

By contrast, leveling in WoW from 1-95 was one of the MOST BORING slogs I’ve ever been through in my life!! You want to talk about repetetive and lifeless quest mobs? OMG. And after like level 40 the XP goes up so slowly you just begin to go numb.


Well said.


Lol @ unique

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Compare the PvE combat in this game to WoW and ESO. I would say it makes NW pretty unique. Unless you actually believe that WoW’s combat and ESO’s combat are just as good.


What’s good is subjective. I never played WOW. But I will take ESO combat with its animation cancelling and GW2 combat over New World any day.

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You can sneak around Mobs in the small Castles in the north and circumvent fighting to gather supply chest and quest Markers.
Feels unique to me to have that option to not to kill everyone, but play smart and sneaky, their aggro depends on their LOS and you can hide while crouching or laying down and pass in their back.
Maybe other places where this is possible, but its cool Option for Solo as the respawn there is very quick.


ESO’s combat is basically a more polished and less clunky version of New World’s combat, so yes, I’d definitely say ESO’s combat is as good. New World combat lacks a lot of the depth though.

And in regards to your initial post: you do realize that all of these enemies are not dynamic, don’t you? All these enemies act scripted. There is nothing dynamic in their actions. They always, always, always have the exact same attack patterns. Just fight five wolves in the wild, all of them will always exactly do the same. The AI can’t tell what your doing to them and react accordingly. Every enemy will always be the same for everyone, they don’t care if you’re constantly attacking or constantly blocking, if you’re using a Bow or Sword & Board. Their attack patterns are always identical.


Yes. I was in favor of this during closed & open beta when people were screaming for molding New World into a WoW clone or adding this or that “just like (my other) game”. We should encourage the Devs to keep to their vision, to do unique things, and not to fall into the trap of just copying systems from other games. There’s room for new ideas & new things. Let AGS do their thing.


You get it!

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The combat definitely has a lot of room for improvement and that’s the exciting thing about being a part of a new game like this. I played ESO since day one (bought the imperial edition day one) and saw the game grow from dogshit to pretty solid over the years.

I cant wait to see what the devs improve upon with combat because there is so much they can do :grin:


I love WoW. I played WoW for 10+ years. But I haven’t enjoyed WoW since I quit a few years ago even when I tried going back.

So to your point. Is NW unique? I don’t think so. But it’s different and it’s new. But it’s also familiar enough that it scratches that MMO/WoW itch. And that’s enough to pique my interest and get me playing an MMO again.

So to your overall point I agree. Let’s let NW be NW and hope that devs make QOL, Content, and other updates that fix the things that could be better while keeping NW as NW.


Exactly! I think “Unique” may be too strong of a word because you can draw some similarities between other games. But, I think it’s just fresh and new enough to set it apart from the crowd and be considered in its own weight class if that makes sense. Thanks for the reply!


I strongly agree. Leave games to the vision of the developer and not what the player wants. If you start catering to players and what they want, you end up in a game of cat and mouse always trying to change to please others.

New World has a uniqueness about it that other MMOs have failed to capture in my opinion. I would hate to see that lost simply because X user group didn’t like it the way it was. It’s tricky though, as it’s a very fine line between adding improvements or suggestions from the community, and altering the original plans for the game all together.

I feel it’s best to let the developers do their thing and let the players take it or leave it. You either like the idea the developers have or you don’t. This is where that fine line begins to show. Players shouldn’t be silent about bugs, etc but we also shouldn’t expect a developer to change their creation simply because we paid to play.

I share your opinion :slight_smile: Leave New World to the developers and thus, let it stay a unique game in a sea of other MMOs,