New World is WildStar 2.0 (Change my mind)

The developers/publishers/managers “whoever” just don’t get it. They are continuously making terrible choices, ruining their game, and effectively forcing people to give up and walk away. This is exactly what happened to WildStar, and we all know what happened with WildStar, they eventually shut down their servers. Just look at the SteamCharts, the players aren’t coming back, they aren’t staying, heck, half of the “average players playing” are probably bots…

So now they are bending, keyword here is bending, however, because they are not actually listening and they are just bending, they are now furthering their commitment to ruining this game… People worked very hard to get epics in the 580-599 range that have great perks and were okay with sacrificing the third perk and stat to have their builds work the way they want them to… Now they are allowing us to upgrade the 590-599 gear TO 600, but will stop there and wont become legendary, still MAKING 625 GEAR THE BE ALL… STILL GIVING HUGE ADVANTAGES TO CHEATERS, EXPLOITERS, TOP COMPANY OFFICERS, etc…

So I stand by my post of, New World is WildStar 2.0. They are driving players away faster than attracting them. With Lost Ark coming out in less than a month, there is very little hope that enough players will stick around to make it worthwhile for them to keep servers up and running. This is why we post this sort of nonsense, because we, the players can tell when horrible game-breaking decisions are being made. This will kill this game. Period.


  • Scrap the Umbra system entirely. Do not add gear / watermark above 600!!!
  • Remove the dungeon orb key requirement.
  • Add additional OPR maps.
  • Add a 3vs3 PvP Arena.
  • Add additional dungeons.

Yeah it sucks, there’s not much room for discussion here. I like the game and I have enjoyed my time in it however I can tell that there is going to be a longevity problem.

I think a decent solution to the problem is to potentially switch from a server type environment to “worlds” like in runescape, where players could freely hop between any servers and attempt to trade. Each “World” could have its own trade post like we do now. Sure a company could go take over territory on multiple “worlds” but lets be realistic here, there’s a hard limit to how many territories a company can actually own.

One that that Runescape did well is they designated different servers for different activities: players looking to do dungeons go to the world specifically for finding groups for dungeons, likewise we could have a server where players specifically go to queue up for OPR. This would solve a lot of problems: for starters the economy would balance out across all servers, players would always be able to find groups for whatever they’re doing. It could also increase competition for example the server designated for “trading” would be a very competitive for wars.

this could cause other issues as well, such duped gold being able to RMT anywhere they please, more space for bots to free fam.

wildstar was better, my computer could barely handle it back then


Wildstar could have been quite good. I mean… it was good. But it could have been quite good.


Why would I want to change your mind when I wholeheartedly agree with you?

So much wasted potential. Oh well.

Elden Ring in a month because you can be damn sure I’m not touching Lost Ark. I know AGS didn’t make it, but they’re publishing it and I’m already hearing about how they’re mucking things up. I don’t need to be let down by AGS anymore.


Agreed here. The best thing that could ever happen to AGS now, is Amazon abandons gaming and sells the division.

UPDATE: This was not unconstructive. It’s literally a recommendation whether AGS agrees with it or not. If this is hidden, you might as well close the thread?


I have been reading the forums a lot, ever since I started to struggle more and more to find motivation to log into this game, and I have seen the hardcore defenders slowly 1 by 1 either fall quiet or actually changing their views.

For a while I myself defended the game too, and I still believe it has a lot of potential, but it seems where the game needs a true in depth rethink, only band-aids are being applied, leaving the actual illness to fester beneath.

The December numbers were in fact worrying, considering players hop between their games to do winter events to get the goodies, and considering it is a gift and holiday months. The numbers were barely stabilizing, and certainly not bumping as one would expect, considering we know over a million players bought this game. Clearly most of them felt so disheartened, even the prospect of free goodies could not entice them to log back in. That’s a very bad sign.

I keep hoping though. Maybe with Lost Arc being pushed out soon now, they will take New World down and back into development. 2 more years, with the knowledge they now have about what does and does not work for the players, could save New World - because it would be an utter shame to see it crash for good. It’s a beautiful game with some good ideas at the core, it just needs more work still. It is doable, but it needs real vision/direction. Hopefully… hopefully…


I think Amazon wants to have a hand in gaming. It’s an enormous cash-flow business. Prior to abandoning AGS I think someone might see the light and change direction with a new studio head. Honestly, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already.

I think the consequences will be the same as with Wildstar, but the root cause may be different. Wildstar was doomed from concept essentially because of its “hardcore” focus and because during one of the livestreams Frost openly said that they have spent 25% of their dev budget on “RAIDS” (Hardcore).
Of course if you spend 25% of your budget on 0.5% of your customers who all pay the same, that’s a lousy business case - you don’t need MBA to figure that one out

A lot of hardcore people here think that the game devs shouldn’t cater to casuals and if the content is locked for casuals that’s how it should be. I personally find this approach perversed as game != work, however I would agree to that under the condition that since we have all spent $40, the budget spent on “hardcore” elements should match the % of the playerbase who consumes that content.
Otherwise Wildstar will happen

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I agree with that, but they’ve had 3 losses + a cancelled game already and they’re very similar to Google(their gaming division is gone, only their service remains), they’ll cut ties if it’s not working out and just look for outside developers and slap a publisher tag on them.

They’ve already changed heads before, and he’s just a VP(Hartmann), he doesn’t even have direct access to the CEO of Amazon. Unlike Phil Spencer(MS Gaming who can speak to Satya(MS CEO) directly.

Amazon has been documented in saying, they want to find a “multimedia franchise” in their gaming space, i.e. the next Witcher, something that can become popularized outside of gaming and into well …their media divison, but that was a while ago and New World is literally the one that was supposed to correct all of the past failures.

You can’t fail this many times in this industry without either selling off the division or shutting it down and rebuilding from the ground up again.

Wildstar was obviously released far before it was ready. But it actually had plenty content which (while buggy) was not copy pasted in last moment. NW has plenty problems like Wildstar had but it’s not Wildstar2 by content, unfortunately.


Lmao, sounds like you’re saying New World is even worse.

I’m actually starting to believe it is their intent to abandon this game and just test out features, concepts, ideas before it dies… Anyone who thinks this game has any chance of surviving without being taken down is going to be horribly mistaken… I was worried that the server capacity of 2,000 would be a key problem, but that hasn’t even had a chance to be the root problem. Even if the publishers/developers get back on track with content/balancing/fixes, they will still have to address the server size…

Wildstar was great. But the casual Community of Wildstar wasnt


At this stage, it is.

As someone who started playing Wildstar about a year after it had come out, I can say it was genuinely my favorite MMO experience ever. They had a very, very rough start, but by the time I joined they had had time to iron out all the wrinkles, and it was an absolutely amazing experience that I will forever mourn the loss of. I was very active in every content type they provided, from housing to progressive raiding to PvP battlegrounds and arenas.

The long and short of it is that when a brand-new studio sets out to create an MMO driven by an in-house proprietary engine as their very first game… it doesn’t matter how many industry veterans they have on the team. Gamers of the day rarely have the time or patience to wait through the toddler phase of this MMO engine development.


Wildstar was ruined by the fucking anti “carebears” devs.
Remember Frost? The guy singlehandedly ruined the community.

Wildstar could have been good, but no they had to go all HARDCOREEEEE.


That right here!
And its hilarious how in 2020 Frost went on twitter diatribes how the evil publisher (NCsoft) was demanding more accessible content while the dev team was making next raid to be EVEN COOLER! HARDCORE!!!

Honestly Wildstar is a cautionary tale about what happens if “brogrammers” with mental attitude of 15 year olds are allowed to make the game without adults in the room.


THIS would make me happy!!! +100 to this


Aside from who owns the game, the fact that they want a gaming division, own the most popular streaming service, etc

Yeah? Sure.

Pretty big difference between NC Soft and Amazon.