New world keeps getting suspended/crashing in 25 minutes of playtime

So after the new 1.01 patch i noticed that my game keeps crashing/suspended i tried everything like
•Verifying game files
•Updating Drivers
•Updating Windows
•Reinstalling The Game
•Changing ingame graphics
•Deleting Specific Game Files

The only thing i really notice that helped me play for longer is that restarting my pc and having vsync off because my monitor is 165hz so the game would try to run at 165fps i have tried most of the things people said to do to “fix” the issue of crashing every 25 mins


I had 3 freezes today/yesterday. No idea what causes it.

Me too. It’s strange because it’ll be running fine and then suddenly freeze for a few seconds and crash to desktop. After trying all the fixes I’m pretty sure it’s something on their end.

Same issue. Only started happening after the patch, too. Before the patch I played 80 hours with no crashes. After the patch, I’m crashing once every hour or two.

I do have some serious issues with this too.
Yesterday the game gave me 2 BSOD and i could say at least 7-8 freezes ( which follows by game crashing )
So approximately launched the game about ten times just for one session.
Thank god, I don’t have anymore huge queue time on my server, but still, this is terribly annoying.

Did someone came up with a solution for the game stability ?
( My config being : RTX 3080, Ryzen 9 5900X, 32Gb RAM )

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