New world made a lot of changes, but

Items still dont decay/break. I like the pve in this, I like the crafting in this. I dont normally like this in games, its the main reason I feel to play new world.

Despite all the great changes over the year or so of not playing, the thing that keeps me away is , everyone can learn everything. Everyone can make everything!
I feel no desire to be in the world. I feel no desire to craft things, to gather things, ect ect ect.

Because in the end, eventually everyone will be self reliant with enough time.
There is no point to go out and gather and craft. It is the only reason I still cannot play, no matter how much I would like to and it sucks.

If this is ever implemented, I will be back, but untill then , there is zero motivation for me.

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No thanks. I would not stay if that happened. This isn’t Zelda Breath of the Wild. I also don’t feel like re-farming an expedition if my Laz Bow breaks. I don’t know of any top mmos that do that. WoW, SWTOR, FFXIV, Rift, ESO, etc. Having items perma break/decay is the worst thing an mmo could add. I am sure people who spent 300k on an item only to have it break and have to pay another 300k will be thrilled.


I find that most of the time, maxed out crafters tend to be a minority and hard to find. Most people specialize in one or two things, in my company for example we have maybe one or two people that are weaponsmiths, a few that do armoring. so on and so forth.

And that’s out of 100 people, as hit or miss as that is, it’s a good example that you don’t see everyone being everything.

The higher tiers of crafting in almost all types just take a long time, and lots of materials and gold to complete, so that’s where the barrier is.

As far as items not decaying, i’ve got 1800+ hours in and i’m not at a point where i don’t need to buy things from crafters yet. I have so much stuff, but i need so much more.

Please stay, and craft. I need you.

Euh what ?

It is YOUR duty to make sure you feel " desire " by other players as a crafter!

Grind all the trade skills and then make sure to show urself in trade chat advertising you are crafting. That way people will know you…you will become trustworthy and you will be able to make some good tips here and there !

But…you didnt try that right ?

Durability for items to permanently break? God no plz, no.

Making crafting worth more by creating more unique and worthy things to craft… yes.

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