New World - Maw Of Corruption and Paths Unseen - Quest Bug

Why isn’t this quests fixed yet? We have been waiting for a few days, although we have reported it, it is still not taken care of. Really?

Maw Of Corruption


Paths Unseen


I have the same issue with paths unseen. I interect with the rubble and then the 700 ghosts that are in the room sit there. It says defend from the pirates and nothing happens. The swarm is too much. There is 282827626 of them much like the tiger in Ebonscale


Why isn’t anyone interested in these mission fix? @Luxendra

After collecting the source in the middle, we kill the creature that comes out from under it. Then when we try to kill the mission creature it disappears.

When we want to kill the creature without collecting the source in the middle, after a while, its health is fully recharged.

It’s starting to get really annoying. I think I will delete the game completely.


Having the same issue, Devs please fix it so I can get my legendary sword.


Succeed to pass without being noticed by the ghost with another player, start interacting with the thing, get disturbed by the 2 other mobs, and impossible to interact again, and to validate the first part.
There videos and everything over there [URGENT] Paths Unseen quest

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This is not a solution, we want to complete the task like every normal task instead of using such methods :slight_smile: Thanks anyway, I’ve already seen them.

I didn’t say it was a solution, just one way to make a step further ^^ (While hoping a fix in this week maintenance)
And like said in the other topic, you’re stuck anyway, since you have to kill the ghost… Which isn’t possible when no one kill them >< (and it’s not the only quest like this in Seekwater, crazy how every quest make or have already spawn 20 mobs)

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having the same issue with Paths Unseen, even if i separate them and kill two random ones it doesn’t count.

Please fix the paths unseen quest as it’s still broken witch horde of ghosts one-shooting everyone.

Just got wrecked by the horde of ghosts, so I guess this isn’t fixed yet. Really sucks since I thought i had pulled one ghost and was mobbed by what looked like 20. Good times.

@Luxendra Could we get a confirmation on these bugs; particularly “Paths Unseen”? I have been unable to complete that quest for a few weeks now and I would just like to ensure that it has been acknowledged (especially since I believe that a few other Reekwater quests that had similar bugs were patched). Thank you!

Yep, it’s still bugged. On Argandel server (US East) and I can’t complete the quest because there’s at least 20 ghosts spawned.

Been 19 day now… Are we getting any word on this being fixed

We’re not sure if they have the talent to fix this. :smiley:

Shouldn’t be that hard. After X amount of time despawn all mobs then spawn 1 as you do the quest XD. Then spawn the boss then yay you done

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