New World movie/tv series?

Too soon?

As long as you don’t mess up the HDR like Wheel of Time :laughing:

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Season 1 episode 4:

The primary protagonist wakes up with 300,000 gold and has no idea where it came from, all the shops are closed.


How about a fully functional game first before we go giving them any more projects, Chad?

Will it be a comedy? :joy:

Season 1 Episode 6:

“I can’t seem to put down any of the furniture I have picked up!”
“Neither can I, why am I carrying around this chair everywhere I go?”

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Ep1 - Let’s do a Myrk Zerg!
Ep2 - Let’s do a Myrk Zerg!
Ep3 - Let’s kill a giant Turkey!
Ep4 - Stranded in Myrk because we can’t pay our House Taxes.
Ep5 - Nerf everything except my favorite weapon builds.


Season 1, the dead server experience.

Season 1 episode 1:

We ran.

Season 1 episode 2:

We ran some more.

Season 1 episode 3:

Still running.

Season 1 episode 4:

There is a war that could end our civilization going on against a supernatural force. I reported for duty to aid in whatever way I could. I was told my help was desperately needed and I am being tasked with…killing turkeys and getting shoelaces from boxes???

Ep 7: Let’s drown ourselves so we can get to the city faster!

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theres already a movie, its called “the disaster artist”

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