New world need to fix your game

I do not understand why I am getting very High CPU terms Ryzen 5 4600h rated for 105c and I am getting 112c. That is not right (did all that everyone said) this game Just need to be fixed
List of everything that needs to be done

  1. Blew out all dust
  2. got a laptop tray
  3. ran steam in administrator
  4. Reinstalled the game (Check Files)
  5. Set the Graphic to love (cap Fps to 30 )
  6. Ran Msconfig And shut down any background apps that I did not need to run the windows
  7. took gaming laptop to pc shop to see what they could do ( They gave it a workover )
  8. Said forget it I am done, son …

Now I know it is not py laptop that is all at flat and it is not an id10erro (USER ERROR) it is on the game side and they need to fix this problem RYZEN 54600 CPU

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Hello @jimmyboy291980 welcome to New World forums, I’m sorry to hear your laptop is overheating.

While you can be sure I’ll pass your feedback, I also recommend, as I understand you have done recommended troubleshoot, to try troubleshoot steps directly from AMD support site as they know their product the best.

@jimmyboy291980 while @Zweihander won’t advise anything due to legal reasons. As someone that has been in hardware for over 10 years. I’d stop all New World playing until you get those temperatures under control.

That type of temperature can and will start a fire.


I do not play new world and more my other game run just fine even BDO on max setting GW2 on max setting my CPU/GPU temp is around 60C to 85C but when it comes to (New world ) it start to get hot like 112c hot and that is on low setting and fps cap to 30 its got to be a software problem I will wait for a few years for them to fix the problem.


Yeah, it’s pretty evident that NW has been horribly programmed. Hopefully they will have a performance patch coming in the next week or so.

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I do as well the game is really fun to play

No kidding. It needs to come asap. Forget the additional content, balances and other… optimization (or just better coding) needs to be done soon.

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