New world NEEDS a quick swap option for gear

If you want us to have to wear 5 different sets, JUST to farm stuff…and even more if you want to be able to quest as a tank/healer etc…then there HAS to be a better way.

#1 carrying around all these sets is super heavy.
#2 having to scroll through and click them on one at a time as you farm is TEDIOUS.
#3 having to fast travel back to town every time you want your set to avoid point 1-2 is also TEDIOUS.

At the VERY LEAST we should be able to swap between sets with a button click(out of combat to avoid in combat gear swapping issues).
But what would be better is 2-5 loadouts…where the sets use no weight other than the one you are wearing.
This could be an item in your house that’s crafted or found in chests as an upgrade(weapon rack/armor rack).

I personally enjoy the luck idea for gear, it’s just needlessly tiresome with how it fucntions currently.


It’s kind of a slippery slope. Years back when I was playing FFXI, everyone used a 3rd party gear swap script. You would carry like 20 sets on you, So you had a idle regen set/ - damage set/ -magic set/ ability 1 set/ ability2 set/ ability3 set/ and so on. You were constantly second by second flicking between sets.
While I do have my fishing set on me at all times, and I’m always breaking it. I would be much happier if we had a gear locker in town, like say Diablo 3 has where you can just go to town click a button and do a full set swap. We need something like that, that can hold 3-4 sets.

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