New World Needs Jobs

So it seems that deflation is on the rise and fast. I think AGS needs to give people “jobs” that have decent payout to stimulate the economy even more.

By jobs i mean something along the lines of what Rockstar did with their dead reddead online.

Give people roles like “bounty hunter” that make you go clear our an enemy camp for a decent amount of gold. You can even make this a pvp option, yet that will be a bit tricky cause of the “U” button.

There can be multiple jobs and ideally I think you can only choose one with a cd of 15 days maybe ? or no cd and have a tier system similar to faction that wipes if you change jobs.

Just an idea to get more money flowing into the economy that isnt running dungeons and opening juniper bags all the time.

Faction reps and town boards need an overhaul. There’s almost no benefit for the player doing projects. If players could make money off of it, it could be these, “jobs.”

Faction missions for PvP give more tokens. PvE missions should give more gold.

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