New World Needs More Instanced PvP Modes

I think most people here will agree with me that Outpost rush is a blast, but I am sure at the same time everyone would like to see some different modes added to the game. Before we add any more modes however we have to address the fact that servers can only have 2000 players at any given time so if we have too many modes splitting up the server population than it will become difficult for players to get into matches.

There is a simple solution to this: instead of having all game modes available all the time, make it so that new game modes rotate and replace the previous mode much like how mutations currently operate.

Ideas for new modes to rotate out along with outpost rush:

King of the hill: Instead of three points to capture and hold, let there be a single point in the center of the map for players to just duke it out. Perhaps there can be random elements and objectives players can complete around the map for bonuses, like NPC allies rushing to the center, or neutral emplacements that players can fight over that can be used as artillery if they can hold it.

Attack & Defend or Capture the flag: Essentially the map is mirrored and there are two forts in opposing directions that players can upgrade. The objective is to either destroy the enemies core of their fort (like in invasions) and protect their own. Alternatively, the goal would be to steal the enemies flag and return it to your own fort for points. Capture the flag would be a great mode for 500 con tanks in pve to run the flag! Or would fast light rapier boys be better? 500 con ppl in light armor? lol.

So just like mutations, there would only be one of these types of modes available for a week at a time and eventually it would rotate back to outpost rush. And 3v3s would probably be the only other mode thats available alongside the major game mode.

Any one else have any ideas for modes they would like to see?


Good recommendations, good concern for the impact it would have on the server, well written. +1 gg, implement now

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More instanced PvP?

We already have opr, wars and arenas.
I thought people wanted more open world PvP. Not to keep dividing the small PvP base into more modes.

But if they’re on rotation i guess it would work.

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It needs ranked instanced modes at least. Gonna make them way more fun and engaging than just get more from the casual crap. It needs cross server dungeons and pvp modes too because if you get more then less people will play each and you will have longer wait times

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